Mimi’s Sage Advice

As I move into the next phase of Mimi-ness I am trying to be mindful of valuable advice that has been shared with me.  Advice so good that I want to call it Mimi’s Sage Advice.  Advice is often thrust at us from a host of different directions.  Sources come in different shapes, sizes, colors and amalgam to be sure. Continue reading “Mimi’s Sage Advice”

Love Here and Loves From Afar

How rich our lives are with love here and loves from afar? It is hard for me to have quiet time today without thinking of my many loves. Loved ones that are within grasp of my reach and loves that require a long journey. In some cases the journey is traveled only in my mind wrapped around memories, longing for missed time, things I want to share and joy. Continue reading “Love Here and Loves From Afar”