First stop- Mimi’s New Food Column

Almost from the beginning I liked reading. I discovered pleasure traveling in my mind to parts unknown. Books introduced places and worlds filled with all manner of strange creatures. For years I have longed to join the ranks of other writers and put my words on paper. What thoughts would be worthy of sharing? First stop, Mimi’s New Food Column.

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Loquats- Eat, Ferment,Freeze, Preserve, Steep and Share

This week in my spare time, (Ha) I am consumed up with a project. I am working (well not at the moment) on a speaking engagement for next week. Writing, practicing and tamping down all the nervous energy. As I have learned many times Mother Nature and her gifts from the garden wait for no woman. If you have it in your garden, you must deal with it as nature presents her gifts. Loquats- Eat, Ferment, Freeze, Preserve, Steep and share.

Loquat trees are beautiful to look at but they also offer a world of food and flavor. Grill Man planted our trees about five years ago. As with most who visit the area, my trees love Fairhope and all it has to offer on our acreage. Lots of clean air, warm sunshine, rain and space to grow. My trees are fat and happy.

Driving around the county, I have noticed other loquat trees everywhere fully loaded with fruit. Granted, dealing with produce on any grand scale is alot of work. It is ready when its ready and it doesn’t matter what you have going on in your life. Produce demands to be picked or it will ripen and fall on the ground. Fruit on the ground will attract rodents and other uninvited guests to your garden.

I am happy to share my loquats but not everyone wants to pick, wash, and process the fruit. I get it, it is labor intensive but what a great way to teach your little ones about nature. A good way to spend quality time with your children and teach then about Mother Earth. Grab scissors to cut the loquats from the tree and large baskets for your fruit. Now, where do I get them?

What if I don’t have Loquat Trees?

So if you don’t have any loquat trees, drive around they are everywhere and maybe the home owner will share. It is possible they will be happy to have you pick them from the tree before they have to remove loquats from the ground. Offer to purchase them first, although they may be happy to give them to you. If they say no, thank them and move on to another tree loaded with fruit.

If your homeowner says yes, be sure to thank them before you leave and don’t make a mess in their yard. Mail them a thank you note to show your appreciation for sharing.

Use the scissors to cut the loquats from the tree and place gently in the basket. The fruit will bruise easily and lose its freshness quickly. DO NOT PICK GREEN LOQUATS OR EAT THEM. Green loquats are toxic and not ready to eat. Only pick what you will be able to eat and process. You can always pick more later.

Lots of Loquat Loquats- Eat, Ferment, Freeze, Preserve, Steep and Share
Pick, eat and process quickly

Prior to our trees, I was not very familiar with loquats. Trees grown from a seed take 8-10 years to bear fruit. Loquat trees grafted from plants may produce in 2-3 years. Definitely go the grafted plant route, so that you’re not waiting forever. Visit the local nurseries to purchase loquat trees.Once you have secured your loquats, what’s next? Before you get your hands dirty, turn on your favorite music. Loquats- Eat, Ferment, Freeze, Preserve, Steep and Share. Wash the loquats several times before you eat any loquat fruit. Do not eat the seeds without researching.

What do I do with loquat seeds?

With a knife cut a slice into the loguat and pop out the seeds. Loquat seeds are brown and you may find one or many. Set seeds aside. I have not made loquat liqueur yet but its on my list for this season. Check out the recipes on Eat The Weeds web site. This recipe looks interesting to me, Getting a Grip on Grappa.

What do I do with Loquat Fruit?

Place loquat fruit into a bowl. Drizzle with lemon and toss occasionally so that the fruit does not change color. Eat while you work. Give your little one an apron and allow them to pop out the seeds and place into a bowl. Explain that they may eat the fruit but not the seeds. They will enjoy cooking with Mommie and making memories.

With the fruit, your options are endless at this point. Eat loquats. Make smoothies. Freeze loquats to process later. Learn to preserve and make jelly, marmalade, loquat leather, margaritas or chutney. Leaves from Loquat tree leaves may be used to make tea. I am sure that they would be good in a cake, fruit bread, salsa for fish, fruit salad, etc

Loquat cheesecake Loquats- Eat, Ferment, Freeze, Preserve, Steep and Share
Creamy Cheesecake

Loquat Cheesecake

This week I made a Loquat cheescake using my St Germain Creamy Cheesecake recipe with the following changes:
-do not add St Germain
-Add 3 Tablespoons of pureed loquat fruit Bake at 325 for 50 minutes. (Use the waterbath method to prevent cracking)

Internet has a world of information about loquats and only waiting for you to google. Loquats are good to eat and offer lots of nutritional benefits. What are you waiting for? Pick em’ if you got em’. If not, go loquat hunting but please remember your manners. I would love to hear all about it.

For more information check out Loquat World.

Mimi’s Nutty Fudgy Indulgent Pecan Bar

First locate the mini marshmallow, chocolate, mint, pecan, farm fresh eggs, bit of sugar, flour and oh yeah coffee liqueur. Next line up all ingredients to mix up Mimi’s Nutty Fudgy Indulgent Pecan Bar. Dessert bar designed to melt in your mouth and make the inner child in you smile.

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Never Fail Spirited Fig Pecan Bundt Cake

Who doesn’t need a Never Fail Spirited Fig Pecan Bundt Cake? This spirited cake is moist and filled with a buttery glaze that hints  another slice is a good idea. In my pantry,  I always have fig preserves and look for a reason to use. Fig and pecan marry together well in this cake as lifelong friends. Continue reading “Never Fail Spirited Fig Pecan Bundt Cake”

Homemade Candied Pecans

Homemade Candied Pecans should be on your list to make this year. With the pecans falling fresh from the sky so to speak, this dessert recipe begs to be made and soon. Toasting freshly picked pecans briefly are a delicious treat even without making Homemade Candied Pecans. Continue reading “Homemade Candied Pecans”

Chocolate Heavenly Bite Mini Tarts

Chocolate heavenly bite mini tarts are perfect for entertaining this time of year whether its game day or seasonal entertaining. With the added time off to visit with friends or family a dessert to feed many comes in handy.  A recipe that would be great to serve as a Recipe for the Littles. Continue reading “Chocolate Heavenly Bite Mini Tarts”

Muscadine Sorbet Recipe

August heat wave on the Gulf Coast demands a sorbet, my Muscadine Sorbet Recipe is a gift in this heat. Muscadine is a delicious grape that is grown on a vine in the south. This grape is easy for homeowners to grow because it is tolerant of heat and insects. At our home, we do not use any pesticides on the muscadine vine. Vines will continually provide grapes until the vine is complete.

Muscadine Sorbet Recipe
Roof view of Chicken Condo with muscadines

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Rustic Peach Tart

Rustic Peach Tart recipe is the simplest of desserts. All of the ingredients that are stocked in our pantry with the one addition of fresh peaches. Serve peaches freshly picked firm and juicy. Be aware that the peach juice is ready and willing to drip down as you reach in for a bite. Continue reading “Rustic Peach Tart”

Fig Chess Pie Recipe

Fig Chess Pie recipe is a dish that just flows very naturally. On the Gulf Coast in June the figs start ripening. The sweet fruit that seemed so odd to me as a child is a delicacy now. Sticky and sweet figs are a welcome treat to pop in your mouth. Preserves, candied, served with gourmet cheese or add to a pie or appetizer, figs are versatile. Continue reading “Fig Chess Pie Recipe”

Coconut Chess Pie Recipe

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