Quick Appetizer Plus Craft Beer- Now!

Quick appetizer plus craft beer, now!  I need it. Do you find yourself in this situation now and then? Most of us live in a world where we are very busy. We rush to and from work and struggle to squeeze in errands then chores. Then if we have little ones that we are transporting to and fro, it becomes harder still. And all that is before we have time for play? There are days when a quick appetizer plus a craft beer can save the day. Continue reading “Quick Appetizer Plus Craft Beer- Now!”

Shrimp Recipe and Rich Sauce

Fresh Gulf Shrimp
Fresh Gulf Shrimp

Fresh Gulf shrimp make amazing shrimp recipes. Shrimp is a great start to a delicious appetizer recipe or meal. I am fortunate to live near the Gulf Coast and fresh seafood is a special treat.  The shrimp, crabs, craw-fish, oysters and the wide range of  fish is a bonus when cooking and developing recipes. Continue reading “Shrimp Recipe and Rich Sauce”

Glazed Garlic Salmon

Wild Caught Salmon glazed
Wild Caught Salmon glazed www.diningwithmimi.com


Glazed garlic salmon prepared as an entrée or appetizer is a treat . Any wild caught fish is delicious when served as fresh as possible. If you live on or near a coast, enjoy often the luxury of buying fresh caught fish. It is a superb and should not only be enjoyed in restaurants. Continue reading “Glazed Garlic Salmon”

Crawfish Boil Cajun Style

If you are in love with crawfish as am I, then your fully aware that crawfish is in season. If you live in an area that sells raw or prepared crawfish you are fortunate. If your area does not offer fresh crawfish, come visit down South. Continue reading “Crawfish Boil Cajun Style”

Appetizers for your Game Day

Assorted Casual Game Day Celebration
Assorted Casual Game Day Celebration

As an independent woman I must confess football and I have had our issues. They are not big issues mind you but they exist. I don’t understand the rules and game exactly but I get the overall gist. Continue reading “Appetizers for your Game Day”