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As I move into the next phase of Mimi-ness I am trying to be mindful of valuable advice that has been shared with me.  Advice so good that I want to call it Mimi’s Sage Advice.  Advice is often thrust at us from a host of different directions.  Sources come in different shapes, sizes, colors and amalgam to be sure.

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Antique Ansonia Clock marking time in the best way.

With the information overload surrounding us at all hours of the day, it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Clearly it is impossible to do everything we should to stay healthy and promote longevity.  I simply do not have enough hours in my day, ever.

Not to mention the difficulty of deciding which source is right. Should I eat eggs or stay away from eggs? Is bread good or bad for you? What happens if I eat meat or avoid it? Is it healthier to avoid red wine or drink more wine? Oh wait, I know the answer to that one.

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Surely I am not alone?
On the way to Mimi’s Sage Advice

On a clear day when the race of life had settled to a hum instead of a roar, I decided that common sense would rule my day.  Internet-land offers a world of information available at the slightest touch of the keys.  Information  must be researched, contemplated and sometimes ignored.

At the end of the day, you have to decide what makes sense and is best for you. Truly, you will benefit from good decisions and suffer through the “not so great” choices. Although the “not so great”ones teach us valuable lessons even if we scrape our knees learning.

Here is one piece of advice that is good for everyone.  Yet, I do not know where the expression originated. So good that I want to label it Mimi’s Sage Advice. Simple lesson that is so good for what ails ya. Remember to,

Move it or lose it.

Exercise, stretching, walking, running, hiking, paddling, surfing, swimming, biking or yoga, just do it. Move it to keep it or lose it and miss it. Determination is in my toolbox  and I drag it out as needed. On certain days even small tasks are a struggle for all of us.

Finally I discovered an activity that I love. Paddle boarding is a great calorie burn that does not feel like exercise while doing it. Best stress reliever  I have discovered next to a dalliance. Beauty of nature  is everywhere you look when paddling and a great activity to enjoy with friends to enhance sport. If your competitive, join a paddle race and up your game.

Babes on Boards Mimi's Sage Advice www.diningwithmimi.com
Mobile Bay Paddle Board Race 2018

Whatever you decide to use as your activity to encourage movement, please use it often for greatest benefit.

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