Weary Souls Chicken Soup Recipe

 Weary Souls Chicken Soup Recipe was exactly what I needed. My three-week stint of house guests rotating in and out had put us through the paces. The 20 house guests (yes, 20) came and went over the course of the three weeks. The answer to your question is no. I am NOT crazy, weary but not crazy. Continue reading “Weary Souls Chicken Soup Recipe”

Waste Not Want Not Series Shrimp Chowder

The Queen of Thrifty taught me Waste Not Want Not
The Queen of Thrifty as a young woman and Herbert

Waste Not Want Not Series:
potatoes, corn, carrots, garlic and  mushrooms

“Waste not want not” is a hats off tribute to my Irish Grandmother Theda Faye who was the Queen of Thrifty. In our childhood home, my Dad was not a fan of eating leftovers which certainly went against the grain of Theda’s Faye’s entire philosophy. Continue reading “Waste Not Want Not Series Shrimp Chowder”

A Walk on the Chilly Side

Waste Not Want Not Series
Leftover Item: Turkey or Chicken

Even on the Gulf Coast this week, it is chilly. In December I typically find myself in a place to brag about our sunshine and temperate winter climate. Continue reading “A Walk on the Chilly Side”

Mirliton, Chayote Squash, Christophene, Sayote, Cho-cho, Chinchayote, Su Su and then some

In Louisiana, it’s called Mirliton. In other parts of the world, it has other names from Chayote squash to christophene, sayote to cho-cho and so on. I believe that Mirliton is an often ignored, item to cook with. Growing up in Louisiana, it appeared on our dinner table occasionally. It is an item, that I cook with regularly whether it is a soup, dressing or stuffed.

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Spicy Corn and Crawfish Chowder

Post 11-5-16

November is here and our attention has turned to the Fall season. Leaves are changing and finally falling. The weather has turned cool. Well, Hades has left us here on the Gulf Coast, but it is not cool.  I am still sporting sandals, short sleeves and paddling. I won’t even think about sweaters until later in the year.

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