What is your favorite childhood food memory? Do they sell it ?

I am sure that everyone has a special “food memory”. You know the one from your childhood. The one item that you long for or maybe dream about.  Or is it just me? In my case, it is more than one food item.


My cousin's and I on our way to an egg hunt. I'm the tall brunette.
My cousin’s and I on our way to an egg hunt. I’m the tall brunette.

The one dish that was lingering in my memory, I longed for. I thought about it randomly when talking with family or friends about growing up in Louisiana.  I would remember ” the dip” that one of my Mom’s friends made. The dip and the ruffles were delivered to every graduation, baby shower, anniversary party, wedding or funeral that I attended during this phase of my youth.

It was always the first thing that I would seek out. By my recollection, it seemed to be the first thing to disappear. I had begged my Aunt  to track down the “recipe”. I needed it! Over time, I gave up on my food memory. It had been so long ago that I had no idea of the ingredients.

My sister and I were preparing food for Holly’s baby shower, when our conversations lead to growing up in Louisiana. That exchange led to the food and flavors that we loved.

My beautiful Sister, Holly
My beautiful Sister, Holly

Our Dad happened to hear me ramble about “the dip”. “Why don’t you just make it?” he simply replied. If only, I had been paying more attention at the time. If only, I had asked for the recipe. At the time, I didn’t know that I would need it. The delicious dip had always been there, when I needed it.

What is your favorite food memory? Do you know how to make it?  If the answer is no, act now. Please, track down the recipe before it’s too late. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite food memory. Or send me an email at mimi@diningwithmimi.com

I am happy to report, I have the recipe. I will post all about it. Later, gator!








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