Brains, Beauty and Slaying a guitar as Samantha Fish

In our house music fills the rooms with light and love. All sorts of music playing from bands here and there. Music feeds our soul in a way that only it may. Our home hosts a mad array of options for your listening pleasure whether its cd, vinyl or Alexa on tap to fill in the gaps. Were we ready for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a guitar as Samantha Fish?

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Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event for Music

Live at Five is “The Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event” for Music. Tip Tops will play Halstead Amphitheater today in Fairhope. If you have missed this location for a Live at Five event, check it out. Venue is a great spot to bring family and children of all ages.

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Musicophiles Act Now for Gulfport Live Music

I think that Woodstock may be the most famous of all music festivals held in the US. In 1969, it drew 500,000 people to a small town for “3 days of Peace and Music”. Truly, the event had to leave fans with an experience like no other. Any adventurous music lover that failed to attend has this listed as a top regret. Musicophiles act now for Gulfport live music.

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Missing The Swiss while jet-lagged and hoarding chocolate

After what seems like a lifetime of anniversaries, our budget finally allowed an overseas trip. Where would we go? What would we do? The universe answered my dilemma when our friends invited us to join them on a trip to Switzerland. Before Grill Man could prepare a case against travels, we agreed. I didn’t realize that soon I would be missing The Swiss while jet lagged and hoarding chocolate.

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My Dauphin Island Restorative Paddle

Often my day is filled with a long list of things that I need to tackle for work. You may thank me later for not rambling about the list that includes chores or Mom-Do tasks. In addition, I have a secret list. Items that I want to give attention but rarely have enough time unless I squeeze really hard out of my day. Today after work I managed my Dauphin Island restorative paddle.

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Salubrious Turnip Greens and Roots

Salubrious or not, turnip greens, roots or rutabagas will rarely be on the list of favorite vegetables for children or adults. Never ever have I seen a child scream for more greens. Unless the green they’re screaming for is referring to money in lieu of turnips. Thankfully as our palate improves over time we learn to enjoy flavor filled earthy bitter tastes. Salubrious turnip greens and roots is exactly what your body needs although maybe not what your heart desires.

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Mimi’s Tried and True Summer Recipes

Time is short in the summer if you want to squeeze every ounce out of your day. This is especially true if you still head off to work. Daylight savings will allow you to squeeze more into the busy day. When duty calls cook Mimi’s Tried and True Summer Recipes.

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Fish To Table-Sriracha Kissed Fresh Snapper and More

Last weekend I found myself on an island. Not alone or stranded but on an island just the same. Grill Man and I shared a house with two other couples to wind down. We would have everything that we needed on our island getaway trip including a fancy boat for fishing. Our group was on the hunt for Red Snapper. I had just the recipe in mind for our fresh catch, Fish to Table- Sriracha Kissed Fresh Snapper and More.

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Fairhope’s Sweet Gift of Music from The Tall Pines

Grill Man and I have an addiction to music. Loud, soft, hard, and slow music in all formats touch our souls. Today our world offers access to music from many sources including our cell phones. Music on tap instantly to our favorite tunes. Even with the greatest technology nothing compares to the intimate experience of the live version. Recently we hosted a private house concert and enjoyed Fairhope’s Sweet Gift of Music from The Tall Pines.

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First stop- Mimi’s New Food Column

Almost from the beginning I liked reading. I discovered pleasure traveling in my mind to parts unknown. Books introduced places and worlds filled with all manner of strange creatures. For years I have longed to join the ranks of other writers and put my words on paper. What thoughts would be worthy of sharing? First stop, Mimi’s New Food Column.

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