Let them eat, Berry Me Naked Cake

Happy Friday. I hope that you and yours will have a great weekend. Remember, to stay safe but go outside and soak up the sunshine. Take a walk in the park with your love. Plan a meal and let them eat, Berry Me Naked Cake.

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Au Revoir Covid, Berry Me Naked Cake

Au Revoir Covid, Berry Me Naked Cake is one of my newest creations. With covid covering our world like the pandemic that it is, we have retreated to our kitchens. In mass numbers either from necessity or seeking a diversion from the global covid crisis we are baking.

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Mimi’s Outsider Chef Culinary Herb Tips- Basil

In the beginning before you learn how to make magic in the kitchen, it all seems overwhelming. I refer to my type of professionally untrained cooking skills as “Outsider Chef”. Learning to cook is a process that requires reading, cooking, practice and more practice. Mimi’s Outsider Chef Culinary Herb Tips- Basil will guide you to grow and use this herb.

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Happy Sunday Au Revoir Covid

Love the weather this time of the year on the Gulf Coast. We are blessed with a beautiful day. It’s Happy Sunday Au Revoir Covid. If the universe will work with my intentions covid should disappear soon. If all of us work together, maybe it will leave sooner.

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Au Revoir Covid, Hello Summer Watermelon

Au Revoir Covid, Hello Summer Watermelon infused vodka. This adult beverage is a delicious cocktail that you need in your life. What is Hello Summer Watermelon infused vodka? It is a simple batch recipe and will yield a lovely Summer cocktail after you allow it to soak for 30 days.

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March 2020 with Hoda wan Kenobi

March 2020 with Hoda wan Kenobi has helped me with the mad winds of change in our covid colored daze. Regardless of your location, covid has weighed into your day. I Really Needed This Today is a lovely book from Hoda Kotb. How may it apply to your covid colored new world?

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Dewberries “Favor The Brave”

Dewberries “favor the brave” and tips to forage. If you have tried to pick wild dewberries or blackberries you understand my meaning. We’re familiar with the expression “fortune favors the brave”, although we may have no clue who said it first. Eons ago, Publius Terentius Afer included a latin version of these words in a play.

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La Revue Dining With Mimi 3

La Revue Dining With Mimi 3 is a quick recap of life as I know it. Truly this covid colored world is working on my last nerve and I KNOW I am not alone. Yet, I am happy for my green spaces and large outdoor area that I have to enjoy.

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Sun Kiss Loquat Sauce

Loquats are here. Loquats are there. And now they’re everywhere in my kitchen. With the county being on lockdown, no one has taken me up on the loquats this year. Hence, Sun Kiss Loquat Sauce created to be slathered over something yummy. How many ways could I use or cook loquats?

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Sun Kiss Loquat Cobbler

Alabama sunshine and rain are hard to beat during this time of year for anything growing. My loquat trees clearly love the mix of both as evidence by all of the fruit. Sun Kiss Loquat Cobbler is a new recipe that I adapted from Grandmothers recipe.

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