Homemade Candied Pecans

Homemade Candied Pecans should be on your list to make this year. With the pecans falling fresh from the sky so to speak, this dessert recipe begs to be made and soon. Toasting freshly picked pecans briefly are a delicious treat even without making Homemade Candied Pecans. Continue reading “Homemade Candied Pecans”

Joined Pensters Writing Group

Recently, I attended my first meeting. I joined Pensters Writing Group.  I had no idea about what to expect from a  writing group.  Plenty of questions filled my head about ramifications of joining. My goal included improving writing skills and increasing quality of content on web site. Of course, I had a ton of questions about the writing group. Continue reading “Joined Pensters Writing Group”

Turkey Pairing? Southern side dish!

Turkey pairing? Southern side dish wanted!  Now is the time to start thinking about meal planning for your family dinner. Making a plan will help cut down on the stress of entertaining.  At times, even the idea of entertaining makes people start sweating. Continue reading “Turkey Pairing? Southern side dish!”

Weeks Bay Plantation

Weeks Bay  Plantation Blueberry Sessions yielded a superb evening for a happy crowd. Outdoor events pose a couple of challenges.  Fall Gulf Coast weather is hard to beat for outdoor venues with sun setting to invite crisp cool air to the party.  My Tips for Outdoor Venue will come in handy. Continue reading “Weeks Bay Plantation”

Old Southern Rice Dressing Recipe

Old Southern Rice Dressing Recipe is my new favorite side dish to serve with a large turkey. A delicious side dish which feeds a crowd and everyone will love on your Fall table. Often times, my favorite recipes come to me wrapped in love from friends or family. It is important to learn how to cook a recipe that deserves being passed down from one family member to another. Continue reading “Old Southern Rice Dressing Recipe”

Six Tips to Navigate Film Festival

Fairhope Film Festival is coming. Check out the six tips to navigate film festival to maximize your experience.  The festival will arrive during one of my favorite times of the year.  Organizers of Fairhope Film Festival clearly selected a great time to promote roaming about our fair city moving from one film venue to another. Continue reading “Six Tips to Navigate Film Festival”

Anniversary Tasting Event Winner

Guess who’s coming to  dinner? This weekend was time to select the Anniversary Tasting Event winner for the Dining With Mimi drawing.  At my Anniversary Tasting Event, lots of people signed up as followers to receive updates on the site. If you missed signing up earlier, please do so now. Continue reading “Anniversary Tasting Event Winner”