Waste Not Want Not Series Shrimp Chowder

The Queen of Thrifty taught me Waste Not Want Not
The Queen of Thrifty as a young woman and Herbert

Waste Not Want Not Series:
potatoes, corn, carrots, garlic and  mushrooms

“Waste not want not” is a hats off tribute to my Irish Grandmother Theda Faye who was the Queen of Thrifty. In our childhood home, my Dad was not a fan of eating leftovers which certainly went against the grain of Theda’s Faye’s entire philosophy. Continue reading “Waste Not Want Not Series Shrimp Chowder”

Recipe Brown Sugar Bites Dessert

Recipe for Brown Sugar Bites Dessert will tempt you to sit and have a cup of coffee.  This  dessert is a blend of cookie and candy that is a bit of both. The concoction has some of my favorite ingredients in a recipe.  Continue reading “Recipe Brown Sugar Bites Dessert”

Shrimp Recipe and Rich Sauce

Fresh Gulf Shrimp
Fresh Gulf Shrimp

Fresh Gulf shrimp make amazing shrimp recipes. Shrimp is a great start to a delicious appetizer recipe or meal. I am fortunate to live near the Gulf Coast and fresh seafood is a special treat.  The shrimp, crabs, craw-fish, oysters and the wide range of  fish is a bonus when cooking and developing recipes. Continue reading “Shrimp Recipe and Rich Sauce”

Breakfast Hands Free

Breakfast Hands Free? Is it possible? Well not totally, but a hands free breakfast may be closer than you think. The oven is a fabulous device once you learn how to harness the power, set timer and walk away. Walking away is my favorite part. Continue reading “Breakfast Hands Free”

Painting in Tutus Party

Painting in Tutu's Party- Little Girl concept party
Princess-in-Training studying her art work


Have you ever been to a Painting in Tutu’s Party? Me neither. This is the best party idea for young girls, ever. I wish that I could lay claim to the creation, preparation, or even any of the food. My cousin Curly-locks is the genius behind this princess-approved-creative-paint-party. Continue reading “Painting in Tutus Party”