Shrimp Recipe and Rich Sauce

Fresh Gulf Shrimp
Fresh Gulf Shrimp

Fresh Gulf shrimp make amazing shrimp recipes. Shrimp is a great start to a delicious appetizer recipe or meal. I am fortunate to live near the Gulf Coast and fresh seafood is a special treat.  The shrimp, crabs, craw-fish, oysters and the wide range of  fish is a bonus when cooking and developing recipes. Continue reading “Shrimp Recipe and Rich Sauce”

Braised Beef Roast Served on a Bed of Egg Noodles with Smoky Gravy

1645Last week, my husband inadvertently shared his “virus” with me. I say inadvertently because I know that he didn’t do it on purpose. Although, it would stand to reason if you have been sick, maybe you should NOT kiss your wife. In my husband’s defense, he thought he was on the mend.

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Simply Zin Tomato Garlic Sauce

In Louisiana, Justin Wilson was a fixture that we all knew about growing up. He was funny, ‘way Cajun’ and had a cooking show on PBS.  It was probably my first connection with a “cooking show”. Justin would pour in wine, to the meal that he was cooking. Then, he would pour himself a bit, then maybe a bit more. He was famous for his humor and love of Cajun culture. “I GARONTEE!”

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