Shrimp Recipe and Rich Sauce

Fresh Gulf Shrimp
Fresh Gulf Shrimp

Fresh Gulf shrimp make amazing shrimp recipes. Shrimp is a great start to a delicious appetizer recipe or meal. I am fortunate to live near the Gulf Coast and fresh seafood is a special treat.  The shrimp, crabs, craw-fish, oysters and the wide range of  fish is a bonus when cooking and developing recipes. Continue reading “Shrimp Recipe and Rich Sauce”

Learn to Make Shrimp, Sausage and Okra Gumbo like you were “born there”

When people think of foods that represent Louisiana, Gumbo is always at the top of the list. As a signature dish, Gumbo certainly represents the melting pot that New Orleans became famous for. The different countries that owned the territory of Orleans that eventually became Louisiana, all left their stamp in the architecture and the cuisine.

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Hauntingly Delicious Shrimp Dip


My cousin's and I on our way to an egg hunt. I'm the tall brunette.
My cousin’s and I on our way to an egg hunt. I’m the tall brunette.


In my childhood, I was surrounded by great food choices in New Orleans. Not that my parents allowed us to choose.  Nor will we discuss the “juicing” phase that my parents forced us to participate in during the 70’s. My mom went through an entire health craze long before it was popular.

Our snack choices were apple, banana, plum or grapes. No bunny white bread at our house. No sodas. No fun cereal with prizes. Life was hard.

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Creamy Spicy Crawfish on a Bed of Pasta


By this time, all of the babes have started back to school. Whether you have little ones or teenagers, life has started to move at a different pace. Merging everyone’s activities along with school obligations may be a challenge. I vaguely remember feeling like a taxi driver for my daughter, but without the tips.

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