Love Here and Loves From Afar

Sunset over Destin Love Here and Loves From Afar

How rich our lives are with love here and loves from afar? It is hard for me to have quiet time today without thinking of my many loves. Loved ones that are within grasp of my reach and loves that require a long journey. In some cases the journey is traveled only in my mind wrapped around memories, longing for missed time, things I want to share and joy.

Mimi and Poppi on boat in Destin Love Here and Loves From Afar
Mimi and Poppi Living it up in Destin


Sadness and joy bubble from the lessons that one of my loves taught me. Often times the lessons included a portion of tough love. Love with a hard edge and occasional scratchy surface. Yet, I always felt her love surround me even if I thought she wanted to give a swift kick.

My Grandmother Theda Faye was a character larger than life. Granny or Sargent Granny as some of my cousins called her always had more energy than anyone else in the room. Quick to give her opinion whether you asked for it or not. Always, she thought it was important to pass on her wisdom.

Granny at Niagara Falls Love Here and Loves From Afar
Granny at Niagara Falls Photo Credit Lois Page

As an adult I believe that Granny voiced her concerns because she did not want us making some of her mistakes. Not that she admitted any at the time or through the years. Most of Granny’s mistakes i.e. opportunities I learned about after she died, sadly.  When we speak of her opportunities now I think of many questions that I wished I had been able to ask.

Certainly, my Granny had the best  sayings to share her wisdom. Any time that you spent with her would include  a gem or two that would indelibly imprint.  Sentences that you could not forget if you wanted to.  Quotes that live on in my head and remind me of her  spirit as if she is sending a message.

A few words of wisdom

I realize my Granny did not create these words of wisdom. As a young adult, I giggled at a few of her  sayings and wondered what the
“back story” consisted of.  Here are a few Granny-isms.

All that glitters is not gold.

It’s better to be an old man’s darling than a young man’s slave!

A boy will tell you anything to get in your drawers.

They get taller when they sit on their wallet.

They will steal your eyeballs if they catch ya’ not lookin’ out them.

Enjoy love here and loves from afar

My Mom worked hard to imprint acts of kindness, love and self-sacrifice on her children. Granny would have smiled to see how all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren have developed over time. Surely, along with praise would come counseling by the truckload for us. In your family, what imprints are you leaving as nuggets of wisdom?

Granny and her little ones in front red azaleas Love Here and Loves From Afar
My cup runneth over

In summary, love here and loves from afar, hug your loves close and often. In a blink of an eye, life changes for any of us. Ideally, use your time wisely. Theda Faye said “Life is short and don’t work yourself into dither!”





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