Manchego Frittata Mimi Style

Waste Not Want Not
Left overs-2 cups Mashed Potatoes

Manchego Frittata  Mimi Style recipe is a salute to one of my favorite countries, Spain. Far too long ago, I was able to travel to Madrid and Barcelona Spain. I fell in love with Spain and everything that it had to offer. Bold colors, flamingo dancing, spicy food and passionate people who welcome you to their country. Continue reading “Manchego Frittata Mimi Style”

Atlanta- 30 Hours Roadtripping

Sheryl Crow Photo Credit NBC Montana Atlanta- 30 Hours Roadtripping
Sheryl Crow Photo Credit NBC Montana

Atlanta- 30 hours Roadtripping is a  short adventure with our Houston friends UK and Little Italy. Road trip designed and all about a girl and her guitars. Surprising right? Our group loves music and apparently we don’t mind hopping a plane or SUV to take in a concert.

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Atlanta Triple- Georgian Terrace, Trevor & Dining

Atlanta Triple- Georgian Terrace, Trevor and Dining. As a Southern girl, Atlanta has always has a special place in my heart. For me it always represented the big city life that I had grown accustomed to living in New Orleans. Continue reading “Atlanta Triple- Georgian Terrace, Trevor & Dining”

24 Hours Coastal Mississippi

24 hours Coastal Mississippi? What could you possibly carry out in only 24 hours in coastal Mississippi? As a busy woman trying to squeeze every second out of every day, the answer is a lot. I know because I recently put it to the test. Continue reading “24 Hours Coastal Mississippi”

Barcelona Free-Style

On my first trip overseas, it was an adult version of ‘backpacking through Europe’. We traveled to 6 large European cities within 4 countries in 16 days.  Our trio had minimal luggage which consisted of backpacks and tiny rolling suitcases. Adult version meaning we slept in hotels and used planes, trains and automobiles. Continue reading “Barcelona Free-Style”

New Orleans 101, Friends, Food & more

New Orleans is a city that I love. I don’t presently live there but visit as often as I may. A city steeped in old world traditions, superstitions and architecture. New Orleans is a small big city. Most anything that you desire, can found within its boundaries. Even some things that you don’t want to find.

Keep On Walking
Keep On Walking

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Paddle now and dine later

My friends in Laguna Beach introduced me to the idea of Stand up paddleboarding or SUP.  Surfing is a part of the community in Laguna.  Patrick is a long time surfer and talented musician. “You can do it.” he said.  I added it to my  list of things to do while visiting he and Sharon in 2014. I never made it to the water. The time slipped away.

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