Adorable Opelika and Songwriters Festival 2020

Surely if you landed on my site previously you may have realized I have an obsession with food, travel and music. Anytime that I may combine all three for a weekend getaway is a joy. Imagine my surprise when I rolled in expecting to find a small town hosting a music fest and discovered Opelika. Adorable Opelika and Songwriters Festival 2020 should be on your travel list.

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Dazed by Engelberg in July

Traveling in Switzerland offers everything that you may desire on a vacation. Big cities to small villages provide enough opportunity to cover the gambit of your desires. Clearly, landscapes and terrain designed to leave you Dazed by Engelberg in July and probably August thru June.

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Luzern Lucerne How I love thee, Let me count the ways

Luzern Lucerne How I love thee, Let me count the ways! Does that sound too melodramatic? You may think it’s an exaggeration but have you been to Luzern or Lucerne? Traveling from US its a hour train ride from Zurich and centrally located in Switzerland.

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Missing The Swiss while jet-lagged and hoarding chocolate

After what seems like a lifetime of anniversaries, our budget finally allowed an overseas trip. Where would we go? What would we do? The universe answered my dilemma when our friends invited us to join them on a trip to Switzerland. Before Grill Man could prepare a case against travels, we agreed. I didn’t realize that soon I would be missing The Swiss while jet lagged and hoarding chocolate.

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Need a Quickie- Drop into New Orleans for 48 hours

Now or later if you, Need a quickie- Drop into New Orleans for 48 hours and see what awaits you. Every time I visit I fall in love with La Nouvelle Orleans sights and sounds. Sometimes the smells in certain locales can be a challenge. Yet the crazy good food and music does awaken all of your senses.

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Mimi’s Tips to Navigate 30aSongwriters Festival 2020

Yes you blew it if you missed 30aSongwriters Festival in January. Fear not you will have another opportunity and months to plan. Mimi’s Tips to Navigate 30a Songwriters Festival 2020 will help lead the way.

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Foodie Mecca and Mimi’s Travels

First of all road trips are one of my favorite outings. Anyone with a vehicle and a sense of adventure may create a road trip to destinations unknown. Yet, discovery is one of the best features of any trip.  Although it helps to have suggestions to make sure part of your adventure is not a total shot in the dark. Foodie mecca and Mimi’s travels led us to North Palm Beach to visit friends and our new travel guides. Continue reading “Foodie Mecca and Mimi’s Travels”

Unwind on Dauphin Island

Grill man and I decided to sneak away. Too busy at work for a full on vacation so we compromised and chose a close spot. Off to unwind on Dauphin Island? What? Why? Dauphin Island would allow a working vacation since we were too busy to go too far away. Good place to sneak away to relax and avoid summertime crowds.

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Rural Alabama Trip to Inspire

Finally, I traveled a rural Alabama back road to inspire anyone in one way or another. As an avid reader, I have always been inspired by writers and artists. Intrigued by the writing that I loved and fascinated by the art that clearly was not within my skill sets. Alabama hosts a wealth of writers and artists that have honed their skills while residing on Alabama soil. Continue reading “Rural Alabama Trip to Inspire”

Songwriters Festival 2018

Grill Man and I attended the 30a Songwriters Festival  2018 in Seaside with friends. As I continue to age (thankfully), I am reminded that music or friends all touch our soul in a way that is important. Our lives would be dull in comparison to the joy that good friends and music breathes into our soul. Continue reading “Songwriters Festival 2018”