Local Wine Tasting Event

During a busy week I managed to squeeze in a local wine tasting event in Fairhope in lieu of Napa.  A six-course wine and tasting menu designed to lure you. A deal at $20 per tasting.  Wine offered  a perfect response to my thirst. Food pairings offered a bite to tempt you. My friends were a perfect pairing for the local wine tasting and welcome sight near the end of my workday. Continue reading “Local Wine Tasting Event”

Weeks Bay Plantation

Weeks Bay  Plantation Blueberry Sessions yielded a superb evening for a happy crowd. Outdoor events pose a couple of challenges.  Fall Gulf Coast weather is hard to beat for outdoor venues with sun setting to invite crisp cool air to the party.  My Tips for Outdoor Venue will come in handy. Continue reading “Weeks Bay Plantation”

Six Tips to Navigate Film Festival

Fairhope Film Festival is coming. Check out the six tips to navigate film festival to maximize your experience.  The festival will arrive during one of my favorite times of the year.  Organizers of Fairhope Film Festival clearly selected a great time to promote roaming about our fair city moving from one film venue to another. Continue reading “Six Tips to Navigate Film Festival”

Anniversary Tasting Event

You’re Invited to Dining With Mimi Anniversary Tasting Event on Friday October 6, 2017 5pm at Page & Palette’s Latte Da 32 South Section Street, Fairhope, Alabama.   I know that it may come as a surprise that I started blogging over a year ago. Pages and pages of recipes, stories and photos all laid out for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading “Anniversary Tasting Event”