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In a panic, I realized that the time had come.  What? The first early warning sign is children returning to school. Where did the time go? Is Summer nearly over? Truly it was time for Mimi’s Celebrate Summer Menu Before It Disappears.

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Oh No, where did my Summer go?
Recipes for Mimi’s Celebrate Summer Menu Before It Disappears

Clearly, I needed a   Summer Rebellion Watermelon Martini recipe. Refreshing cocktail and perfect way to sneak in watermelon into your day. Cocktail, fruit and vitamins all rolled into one delicious drink. Vitamins count in a cocktail, right?

Longing for Summer is an idea that grabs us as little ones in the throes of attending school. Daily grind of school, home work and lesson plans teach us that life is better during Summer. Extra time for all outdoor activities that we truly love. To assist with your busy life Beach Ready? New Fresh Potato Salad Recipe will pair well with any meal or Labor Day Weekend.

Beach view with sunbathers, kayaks, and Mimi's Celebrate Summer Menu Before It Disappears www.diningwithmimi.com
Lots to do in and around the water

Whether its people watching on the beach, digging your toes into the sand while listening to the waves crash , swimming in anyone’s pool or chilling with your friends, more Summer is exactly what we need. Summer vacations to the beach designed for lazy days having fun outdoors or rainy days tucked in reading the latest best seller or drooling over a cookbook.

Make Ahead Beach Menu- Freeze, Transport & Enjoy

Make ahead Beach Menu- Freeze Transport is perfect for your last Summer Beach Trip. Menu allows you to prepare items ahead, freeze and then pack in an ice chest for your family  beach trip or Labor Day Weekend. When company arrives,  it is always nice to  have a  menu plan that allows for some relaxation even though you may have house guests.

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Nephews visiting and driving about on the porch

Drowning Seasoned Pork Roast in Yesterdays Wine

Flavorful Italian Green Beans

Black Pepper Cabbage

Love the family and Oh my, That Pecan Pie

Updated 100 year old Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Days of Summer are designed to have more freedom to choose our daily destiny. Freedom to leave behind the long list of things to do that we create in mass quantities and then secretly wish we could hit the delete button. We  want to  do it all  but Father time forces us to choose. Remember that it is acceptable to decline an invitation as long as we do so graciously.

Make the most of Summer Days

Clock is ticking on the remaining 35 days 10 hours 11 minutes and 59 seconds left of Summer. And yes https://days.to/until/summer does all the math for you. Easy access of information is available on the internet if you only know how to ask the right question to his Royal Highness Google.

Ansonia Clock and Mimi's Celebrate Summer Menu Before It Disappears www.diningwithmimi.com
Tick Tocking away Summer break

With this reminder of the dwindling days of summer I hope that you will pack in as much outdoor enjoyment as you may. In the South our summer climate slips into Fall and allows for water activities longer than our friends to the North.

Another idea for your Summer menu  is to include soups. Soups and salads are a great way to cut calories and offer a filling meal. Soups also may be cooked ahead of time and easily added to freezer. Visit all the soups on my site and see which is your favorite. Please comment and tell me which is your favorite soup.

Weary Souls Chicken Soup Recipe

Waste Not Want Not Series Shrimp Chowder

Mimi’s Celebrate Summer Menu Before It Disappears will give you some ideas to answer the dreaded, “What’s for Dinner?”.

Sunset view with pinks and orange Mimi's Celebrate Summer Menu Before It Disappears www.diningwithmimi.com
Sunset over Mobile Bay with Fairhope Paddle Group


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