Fallacy in the Joyful Marie Kondo Book Toss

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As a young girl I would hide away in the closet with a book. From the early days of seeing Dick and Jane walk or run, I have enjoyed reading. From historical novels to fiction of all sorts including fantasy and mystery. I love a good story. As a result, I find Fallacy in the Joyful Marie Kondo book toss.

Who is Marie Kondo and why is she mad at books?

Why is Marie Kondo mad about books?
Book If You’re Angry and You Know It! by Cecily Kaiser Illustrated by Cary Pillo Published by Scholastic

Who is Marie Kondo and why is she mad about tossing books? If you have been hiding or at least not accessing Netflix you may have missed Marie Kondo and the mission. If you’re living my favorite decade, Marie was born while you were learning to drive or graduating high school.

At 19, she started helping other people tidy up and it grew from there. It is uncommon for someone so young to create such a stir around the world. Her book titled “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has stuck a chord that has been globally heard by millions.

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Just a few cookbooks

In addition to thoughts on tidying up your home, she has a process for this minimalist magic. Nothing is sacred. It is all up for tossing if if doesn’t bring you joy. Marie also commented that in her home she only keeps 30 books. Yikes, I have more then 30 cookbooks.

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Only 30 books, what? This created a viral conversation between writers, book lovers and Marie-Kondo-nistas. Which 30 would you choose from to toss? Toss books, what?

Is your stuff weighing you down?

Of course, I never thought tidying up and magic were a pair. Unless you count that I dream it’s possible to recline, twinkle my nose and clean a room like Samantha from Bewitched. Marie has a different approach for the messiness in your life.

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Vintage Mermaid

Marie’s concept is based on the minimalist approach where everything in your house should bring you joy. Apparently, plenty of people have a ton-of- junk that they are unhappy with. If your junk is weighing you down, then maybe it should be tossed.

Possessions around you should not take over your life or prevent you from living well. Yet, my daughter laughingly accuses me of bring a hoarder but I know this is simply not true. I have seen an episode or two of the tv hoarding shows and they create nightmares. Honestly, I can only watch for about 15 minutes before I start breaking out in hives.

First of all, I will admit my house has stuff. And if you’re one of my friends this has made you laugh out loud. Yet, I clearly still have plenty of walking around room. If you had to maneuver a wheelchair around my house it could be easily done.

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Secondly, my home has plenty of available space because there are no boxes piled high with random crap. Any boxes are in the closet with very specific crap. Even I must admit, I would love to have more open space in my closets with a little less crap.

My closets could use some help from the tidy-up-fairies. Whether it’s tossing clothes, crafts, Grill Mans fishing magazines (on the list) or unwanted items it will make you feel better to toss or donate. If you need to de-clutter Marie is your girl.

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Some of my teachers in the kitchen

Marie Kondo has rules about tidying and tossing. There is a system to rid yourself of everything that you have worked hard to purchase . Oddly, Marie’s web site offers a ton of stuff that you may purchase to align yourself with joy. Joyfully she sells.

Anyone that is able to make a $145 concrete bowl sound like a purchase that you need has skills. Yet, if your stuff does not fill you up with bubbling joy, just toss or donate. From clothes to books, Kondo suggests a quick toss or donate to make you happy.

Yet I see a Fallacy in the Joyful Marie Kondo book toss.

But nobody and I mean NO-BODY is tossing my books. A house should be surrounded with books. Books are there when you need them whether it is to read, for reference or to share with someone else.

Remember the library has a world of books that you may borrow. If you haven’t been to your local library recently, drop in for a visit. There is a world of information available at your fingertips via books, readings and more.

Cookbooks, photography, travel, fiction and non-fiction books educate us about people and the world around us. When I hold a book in my hand and read, it calms me. Between work and writing I am in front of a computer screen more than enough. I am at peace holding a book and yes it does bring me joy.

1913 Book When Mother Lets Us Cook
1913 Book When Mother Lets Us Cook

So, do you only have a number of books that you keep and toss the excess? I don’t think books should be counted or limited. You need however many books that you desire and space will allow. Be creative and store your extra books on the stairs, on top of the cabinets or stacked in a basket.

How many books and cookbooks do you have? Do you sit and read cookbooks for hours? I LOVE reading very old cookbooks. Have I purchased my last book or cookbook? Is it enough?

In summary I think not, I spy Fallacy in the Joyful Marie Kondo book toss. What do you think?

Author: Mimi

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7 thoughts on “Fallacy in the Joyful Marie Kondo Book Toss”

  1. If you’re keeping the books (and stuff) whose appearance fills you with delight, you’re following Ms. Kondo’s advice. No fallacy! If you read her book carefully, you’ll notice her guidance is reserved for those whose homes are cluttered with once or never-read books. She recognizes the collections of scholars and writers should be treated with respect.

    BTW, that passage gave me a lot of comfort when I faced my own “walls-‘o-books”. Kondo-ing my closet was a joy but nobody touches my library!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m happy that her book gave you comfort. I have to confess that I did not read her book but I watched a couple of her sessions on Netflix. Her comment about only keeping 30 books gave me pause. She is setting an example that 30 books may be all that you need. I understand the random tossing of too much stuff but not the books. Books are so vital to our continuing education even when we are not in school. I have learned so much from reading books of all types. If I only had 30 in my home that would probably not be the case. Im afraid that young people will think they only need a couple of books. With her business people are looking to her for advise. For me a part of the fallacy comes in with the marketing on her web site which is loaded with very expensive items for sale. example: 145.00 artistic concrete bowl. Why would her concrete bowl bring you more joy than a bowl that you already have? I guess I don’t like the overall idea that things have to be a certain way to only bring you joy. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. BTW, what is your favorite book?

  2. As long as no one and I mean no one, tries to get rid of any of my books, no one will get hurt. I love the presence of my books even when I’m not reading them. They are old friends that bring comfort, contentment, and yes, joy

    1. We are birds of a feather. I am not sure what weapon that I might whip out if “The Book Thief” arrived, but it would be effective. Happy reading!

  3. I think we are similar in our love of cookbooks! I have over 300 with NO intention of getting rid of any of them! I went through a decluttering stage about ten years ago when we moved. I still wish I hadn’t decluttered my regular books or my mother’s books. Yes, they filled 3 separate bookcases, but I miss my “friends.”

    1. I love 300 cookbooks so much more than 30! By the way, what are your favorite cookbook? De-cluttering sounds so attractive in the beginning until you go to reach for your favorite and its NOT there. I am sorry you lost some of your friends. Is there one that you miss more than the others? Thank you for your support!

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