Brains, Beauty and Slaying a guitar as Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish

In our house music fills the rooms with light and love. All sorts of music playing from bands here and there. Music feeds our soul in a way that only it may. Our home hosts a mad array of options for your listening pleasure whether its cd, vinyl or Alexa on tap to fill in the gaps. Were we ready for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a guitar as Samantha Fish?

A friend familiar with our music interests mentioned how much we would enjoy her show. Grill Man and I started listening to her music months before the concert date. By the time the show rolled around, I believe that he was smitten. Little did I know, he would be head over heels with her sultry sound and hard driving guitar playing.

Samantha Fish Gulport Ms Sept 2019 Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish
Chillin’ On The Gulf Coast September 2019

The band walked onstage dressed in black and wearing sheer joy of the knowledge of what was about to hit us even if we didn’t. Excitement started building in the audience as show time starting getting closer. With swirling lights she walked on stage clearly in command of her band and ready to bring it.

Fish arrived perfectly attired in skin-tight black pants paired with a black jacket and leopard high heels. Blonde wild curls adorned her as a symbol to the wild heart inside this petite woman. After the first song titled Bulletproof, Grill Man released the breath he had been holding, looked at me and said “Wow!”

Samantha Fish, Bass Player and Keyboard Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish
“Baby you decide, I can Kill or Be Kind” sings Samantha

We watched in anticipation as keyboard, drums, trombone, saxophone and oh the guitars moved onstage. Fish would have plenty to choose from including a silver glittery guitar, white guitar with hot pink lips, animal print guitar and cigar box guitar. Clearly, Samantha is a woman that knows fashion and her accessories even if its a guitar.

Cigar Box Guitar and Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish
My favorite of her fancy guitar’s

Samantha wields a large sound that is delivered from deep down within her soul and softens as she desires. From the moment she steps on stage she is in full control of her body, instruments, band and the audience. Not to mention the powerhouse that is her voice which lures you in as a fan instantly.

One of Fairhope’s finest plays in the band

Samantha’s band consists of Phil Breen, Scott Graves, Christopher Sawyer Spies, Harry Robert Morter Jr and Christopher Alexander. Spies brings in a Fairhope connection to the band which I love. Musicians from the Spies family have been sharing music with us for awhile now. Samantha clearly selects her musicians and partners with intent.

Fairhope connection for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish

And a new label Wild Heart Records

Recently, Fish joined forces with her manager Rueben Williams to start Wild Heart Records. “Artist are chosen because they have something that’s unique and very soulful to offer to the World of Music. ” stated the new label. Wild Hearts has signed Jonathon Long and has a new album on this label. Prior to this event, I had never heard of Jonathon Long.

I guess that is indicative of how massive, complex and ever changing the music industry is. Long gives off this very gentle giant vibe. Musician does not play by talent alone. No, it must take an enormous drive and pure love of the music to keep at it daily. Constant attention to craft, songwriting, self marketing, unlimited road travel, and a helping hand. Clearly Fish is paying it forward and desires to assist other artists like Jonathon Long.

Beauty and Long sharing the stage for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish
I loved learning hearing Fish and Long

Fish treated us to a tasty appetizer of Jonathon Long (formerly known as Boogie) as he joined Samantha on stage. Wielding his gorgeous guitar he shared his blues with us and they are fine. For a taste of the tunes visit this video from WWOZ . Or better yet, buy the new album titled Jonathon Long at Wild Heart Records. Certainly, I love the funky track “Pour Another Drink” which is suffused with New Orleans sounds.

New album Kill or Be Kind

Her voice sings of joy, pain, love, longing, and everything in between. The music is just that good. Samantha Fish is one hell of a performer and a force to be reckoned with. Fish performed a few songs from her album Kill or Be Kind. Let me just say, she killed it. Certainly an entire audience was captivated and filled with forever fans with her Brains, Beauty and Slaying a guitar as Samantha Fish.

Fish rocking out for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish
Now this is blonde ambition

After the show, I wanted to know more about this young singer, songwriter, guitarist and where she came from. Kansas City surely is proud of the legend in the making. Samantha’s parents filled the house with music and it fanned the fire for her dreams. From playing drums to mastering the guitar and her voice Fish has put in the time for her dreams.

Dreams that are supported by hard work, weary travel schedule, ambition and surrounding herself with the right mentors. Certainly Samantha Fish is smart besides being a beauty. Clearly she has learned how to operate as an artist, business woman and mentor to other artists. This alone has won my respect and admiration.

Samanth and Long for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish
They were burning up the guitars

Numerous children and adults long to be famous. Some people want to play music and be on the world stage. Many do not realize the long hours that are required to become a master at anything. Pure devotion, relentless spirit, and a lifetime of action is required to become to even decent at a skill let alone the magic to be noticed. You must put in your time and walk the never ending road of dreams.

Where may I see Samantha Fish?

Samantha Fish Band for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish
My new favorite band- Sam and her boys
Samantha Fish Band for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a Guitar as Samantha Fish
I managed to meet the drummer Scottie and he is a sweetie.

In my dream world, Fish would bring her band filled with the Fairhope connection to our zip code. In fact, I would be happy to host a house party for this band. Wouldn’t that be fun? Until then, don’t miss the show in Pensacola on November 8th at Vinyl Music Hall. Or check out her non-stop touring schedule because she is surely coming to a city near you. Are you ready for Brains, Beauty and Slaying a guitar as Samantha Fish?

Lagniappe: Grill Man and I bought an album and stood in line for her to sign. While in line we were able to gawk at the boys that were besotted in more than one way. Samantha Fish was more than a lady or kind to everyone even the frat boys who had a tough time remembering how to operate their phone. Bless their frat hearts, Girl has skills!

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    1. Thank you, I will update post to include Phil. Please let me know what you think about write up. We managed to catch the show last night in Pensacola. I brought 8 newbies with us. Everyone enjoyed Samantha and the band performance.

    1. Thank you my friend. I am looking forward to catching up with “the travelers”. I cant wait to hear Little Italy’s journey through Spain. What an adventure? Safe travels.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the comments. You will have to check out her music. She is really good. Girl has skills. If you have Alexa, ask for her new album Kill Or Be Kind.

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