Anniversary Tasting Event Winner

Guess who’s coming to  dinner? This weekend was time to select the Anniversary Tasting Event winner for the Dining With Mimi drawing.  At my Anniversary Tasting Event, lots of people signed up as followers to receive updates on the site. If you missed signing up earlier, please do so now.

Anniversary Tasting Event Winner
Lots of choices for dinner companions

When I decided to hold a drawing for all the followers on my site, I wondered who would win. Would it be someone I knew well, a friend or family member? Or would the winner perhaps be a local or a winner from far way that I did not know?

Who is  Anniversary Tasting Event winner?

Whoever the anniversary tasting event winner turned out to be would receive dinner for 4 at my house. For the evening, I will prepare all the cooking.  Maybe Grill Man would do the dishes? Who would we welcome at our house?  I added the names to one of my favorite bowls and mixed them up well.  Grill Man took pictures while I drew the name.

Anniversary Tasting Event Winner
Drum roll please

Dinner for 4 will include a great meal, celebrating, breaking bread and libations. And the winner is Vicki Armitage. Pulling Vicki’s name out of the hat is a special treat for me. Vicki is a local writer  and  also very supportive in the community.

Anniversary Tasting Event Winner
Winner is local writer

Most noteworthy, along with The Fairhope Writers Group, Vicki is one of the writers of Fairhope Guidebook. Page and Palette sells the guidebooks. I keep a copy in our guest rooms for house guests to read. If need to buy presents, this is a special treat to introduce people to our lovely community.

Fairhope Guidebook



Eagerly, we look forward to hosting Vicki and her guests for dinner. Soon, I will have to start working on a special meal for Vicki and her dinner guests. Especially now that I know who’s coming for dinner, what am I going to cook?

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