Muscadine Sorbet Recipe

Muscadine Sorbet drizzled with vodka

August heat wave on the Gulf Coast demands a sorbet, my Muscadine Sorbet Recipe is a gift in this heat. Muscadine is a delicious grape that is grown on a vine in the south. This grape is easy for homeowners to grow because it is tolerant of heat and insects. At our home, we do not use any pesticides on the muscadine vine. Vines will continually provide grapes until the vine is complete.

Muscadine Sorbet Recipe
Roof view of Chicken Condo with muscadines

This week’s heat wave  is lingering and is a sure reminder that Summer has been announced in full hot sassy glory.  Summer has arrived and she will not be denied her due. Hot moist weather certainly provides reasons to want to cool off whether stripping down for water sports, staying indoors or icy cold adult beverages and desserts.

Muscadine Sorbet Recipe
Hot summer

Quite honestly  I am happy she has finally arrived. Before I know it, Summer will leave us and we will mourn her passing until next year. If your a member of the working world, it’s vitally important to make proper use of your time. After you have spent a day at work make sure to spend a couple of hours squeezing in time for yourself.

Long lazy days of Summer call for icy Muscadine Sorbet Recipe

I will certainly miss the long hot summers when the cold kicks into full gear. Summers remind us of the relaxed atmosphere in our homes as school children. Sleeping late, playing outdoors late and swimming in the creek or pool. Also as an adult I enjoy added day light hours after a work day. Extra daylight allows time for exercise, paddle boarding or pool time spent with friends after a work day.

Long ago, I remember summer’s yield of fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood in season that were part of every weekend. Homemade ice cream and sorbets were the favorite offering of the summer season. Ice cream, gelato and sorbets are a necessity for summertime fun regardless of your age.

Eggnog and Persimmon Icy Cream
Eggnog and Persimmon Icy Cream

Muscadine Sorbet Recipe offers a unique flavor that stands alone. The color the grape provides is the perfect shade to match the delicate taste of the grape. Served icy cold, scooped into a martini glass and drizzled with good vodka is just down right sexy.  Muscadine Sorbet recipe is a perfect accompaniment to any long hot summer day or sophisticated dinner party.

When I have an overflow of muscadines, I also make a Muscadine Infused Vodka. Super easy to make and lovely to drink. This infusion also makes a perfect gift for friends.

Muscadine Sorbet Recipe
Muscadines soaking in Vodka

My Muscadine Sorbet recipe is one of my favorites. I posted this recipe near the beginning of my site and the format is a bit different. For the recipe, visit Country eggs raised in a Condo


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