Happy Sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food

sky view of hibiscus and magnoliasHappy Sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food www.diningwithmimi.com

Happy Sharing! Love, friends, family and food. I am thankful  for all the special times that I have been able to capture. All of the tiny moments add up to  joyful memories that I label as priceless.

Happy Sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food www.diningwithmimi.com
Breaking bread encourages great conversation


Even the snafus that make your heart hit the floor briefly.  For example,  Grill Man unplugged the  22 quart roaster that contained “the turkey”.  Clearly,  ground coffee beans were needed for one more pot of coffee.  Unplugging the grinder was not so bad. Forgetting to plug the roaster back in presented a slight issue. Thankfully, Grill Man and I are fans of cooking turkeys using the low and slow method. Yet, an hour unplugged did not create a crisis.

Tried and true turkey cooking method

The night before serving, place a thawed turkey in a large roaster and set dial on 200 degrees. In the morning you may insert digital thermometer and assess if the turkey needs to continue cooking.  Set thermometer alarm to desired temperature to prevent overcooking. Reserve  hot chicken broth to drizzle over turkey once placed on platter an cover with foil.

Always, purchase the largest turkey that will fit in your cooker. This will make sure that you have plenty for your guests and leftovers. Turkey is extremely economical and  makes great leftovers. Who doesn’t love turkey sandwiches?

Annually in November,  Grill Man and I host our local family and friends for lunch. This day has developed with the help of our friends to include several traditions that make the day special. More importantly, our meal and day is a joint effort where  everyone participates. I love trying all of the new dishes and savoring the old favorites.

Site offers suggestions for desserts, side dishes and more.

Start of buffett items Happy Sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food www.diningwithmimi.com
Crack Rolls, It’s Not Fluff, Cabbage Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Ham and Jezebel Sauce
How do we manage a large meal for our special day?

As host, Grill Man and I cook the ham and turkey. Our guests select a menu item to share.  For guests that don’t want to cook, offer an assignment like providing a  prepared dessert, rolls or wine. Texting allows for easy coordination of menu options with guests. Of course, everyone is happy to take part and bring a dish they want to share.

Guests sharing in the meal preparation relieves the host to focus on preparing the house for the days events. Make a list ahead of time and start tackling the cleaning chores at least a week ahead of your event. Think about the table setting and  select items you will need.   Set up beverage area and  bar ahead of time. Please ask for help  with decorations or setting the table the day before.

Happy Sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food www.diningwithmimi.com
Burlap covers white tablecloth with white napkins and pumpkins

Suddenly, the magic happens at lunch. Assign someone to greet guests as they arrive and direct them to adult beverages. Typically, I stay in the kitchen to get a handle on the menu items as they arrive. Grill Man is busy carving ham and turkey.  Our meal is always served buffet style as soon as everyone arrives.

Happy Sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food www.diningwithmimi.com
Sharing food together makes for a great memory

Since our day this year, included a few new friends we had a crew. Amazingly, thirty-six of us gathered in a circle and gave thanks for our time together. All of us, happy sharing! Love, Friends, Family and Food. After a relaxed lunch, laughs and some loosening of the belts, a few friends jump in the kitchen to clear away part of the mayhem.  Thank you to the faithful, we love  you.

In summary, a large crowd entails more planning for your event. Use indoor and outdoor space to include everyone. Set up card tables to handle extra people. Yet, perfection is not on the menu. Plan ahead and offer your best efforts, this is all that is expected. And remember to let the good times roll.


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