Sun Kiss Loquat Sauce

Loquats are here. Loquats are there. And now they’re everywhere in my kitchen. With the county being on lockdown, no one has taken me up on the loquats this year. Hence, Sun Kiss Loquat Sauce created to be slathered over something yummy. How many ways could I use or cook loquats?

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Unprocessed Candied Jalapeno Coleslaw

Like most of us, I enjoy a creamy crunchy coleslaw. Although a main ingredient mayonnaise is not part of my new weight reduction plan. It is hard to think of picnics, BBQ, fried chicken or seafood without coleslaw. I wanted to create a fresh side dish recipe without mayonnaise. Vinegar , sugar and spice would have to replace the mayonnaise in my fresh side dish. Prepare my recipe for Unprocessed Candied Japapeno Coleslaw that even my Dad loved.

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Mimi’s Gluten Free Nutty Fudgy Indulgent Brownies With Coconut

With my continuing education lab that exists within my kitchen I often tweak my recipes. Sometimes this exercise is a flop and I decide that my original recipe is just fine the way it is. On days when the stars align with my soul, I manage to improve a recipe. Mimi’s Gluten Free Nutty Fudgy Indulgent Brownies with Coconut is just that recipe.

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Salubrious Turnip Greens and Roots

Salubrious or not, turnip greens, roots or rutabagas will rarely be on the list of favorite vegetables for children or adults. Never ever have I seen a child scream for more greens. Unless the green they’re screaming for is referring to money in lieu of turnips. Thankfully as our palate improves over time we learn to enjoy flavor filled earthy bitter tastes. Salubrious turnip greens and roots is exactly what your body needs although maybe not what your heart desires.

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Seasoned Ahi Tuna Steaks Sear Then Flip Recipe

Seasoned Ahi Tuna Steaks Sear Then Flip Recipe, really is that easy. Ahi tuna delivers on taste and if cooked this way delivers a fast meal. Head to your local fish market and buy fresh tuna if this is an option.  Large grocery chains sell Ahi tuna steaks flash frozen, individually wrapped and is the next best thing if your grill man doesn’t fish. Continue reading “Seasoned Ahi Tuna Steaks Sear Then Flip Recipe”