Painting in Tutus Party

Painting in Tutu's
Painting in Tutu's Party- Little Girl concept party
Princess-in-Training studying her art work

Have you ever been to a Painting in Tutu’s Party? Me neither. This is the best party idea for young girls, ever. I wish that I could lay claim to the creation, preparation, or even any of the food. My cousin Curly-locks is the genius behind this princess-approved-creative-paint-party.

This would have been my dream party as a little girl. I need to call my Mom now and request my long overdue Painting in Tutu’s party. Is it too late for me? Has my window of opportunity passed? Sadly, even I realize Mimi’s bottom doesn’t need to be wrapped up in a pink tutu or a tutu of any color.

Painting in Tutu's Party after-party
After the painting is over Photo Credit Ted Hackett

Curly-locks and Surfer have two bright adorable children, Inspector Gadget and Princess-in-Training. Princess-in-Training was five and at a large milestone in her life, kindergarten graduation. A party was certainly on the to-do list but Curly-locks and Surfer delivered an extrava-tu-tu-ganza! How could any little girl not be blown away by the joy of it?

Canvas Set up for Artists
Canvas Set up for Artists draped with lace headband

I am sure that in New Orleans, this was the Painting-in-Tutu’s Party of the Season. Being on the invite list had to make your day if you were friends with Princess-in-Training. My cousin prepared the invites and mailed the list.  No ball gowns required but tutu’s were mandatory.

Pretty Artist starting on her work of art
Pretty Artist starting on her work of art

21 little girls attended the Painting in Tutu’s soiree’ with their Moms. What 21?

Painting in Tutus with Serious artist
Serious artist focusing on the brush strokes

The party included everything that you would expect at a party.

Balloons and sweets
Beverages and treats
Gifts were  found.
If you looked around.
Fun day and plenty to share.
A day to paint without a care.

Everything draped in fun and tutu wrapped. The theme carried throughout even the cupcakes were tutu-ed up.

Curlylocks and mini Mimi with tutu wrapped dessert table loaded with treats
Curlylocks and mini Mimi with tutu wrapped dessert table loaded with treats
To tutu or not to tutu
To tutu or not to tutu

Directions for tutu-ing your cupcake

Use scrapbook paper to cut out a shape of the female form for a  template. Use template to make copies out of different colored scrapbook paper.  Wrap little streamers around to form the skirt and tie with a tiny piece of ribbon around the waist. Use tape to adhere to a toothpick to insert in to cupcake. Voila a tutu-cupcake. I am sure that a cupcake wearing a tutu tastes way better than one that is tutu-less.

Painting in Tutus Gift Bag
Painting in Tutus Gift Bag

Suggestions for Gift Bags
The gift bags contained items to paint at party and to take home and enjoy. Gift Bags included the following:

wooden bird house
wooden picture frame
little clay pots
heart-shaped boxes
paint brushes
aprons with their initials on it
bubbles and lots of candy

And my personal favorite:
a decorative glitter mask to apply to the sweet little faces

Another Paining in Tutu's artist
Another Painting in Tutu’s artist
Artists showing their Paint in Tutus art work
Artists showing their art work
Painting in Tutu's
Artist in the middle of delicate paint strokes Painting in Tutu’s

Directions for Lace Headbands

Purchase lace, fabric stiffener, poster board and glue. (glitter and paint if you want to bling it up) Form poster board into a tube that is the circumference of a little girls head and tape or secure. Soak the lace in fabric stiffener per package instructions and then form around a poster board and allow to dry. Once dried glue the edges to form a circle. Apply paint, glitter or sprinkles as necessary. Bling it up, baby!

Lace Headbands waiting for a princess
Lace Headbands waiting for a princess
Sweet Girls having fun at the Painting in Tutu's party
Sweet Girls having fun at the Painting in Tutu’s party

After looking at all the work that went into the organizing, I know that  my cousins had as much fun planning this adorable event as I do when I plan a function. Truly, I love planning a party. It is the best-est fun! It’s obvious a ton of love went into this event and it shows. The idea behind this party could be adjusted for different age groups. A paint party could be designed around different costumes and decorations to use for little boys.

Painting in Tutu's is fun
Painting in Tutu’s is fun

What is better than hanging out with your friends doing something new or creative? Add in a little food , desserts and your favorite party tricks. Mix it all up with an amazing attention to detail and it will be a huge success.  Little girls or big girls just wanna have fun. If you can manage all this in a pink  or turquoise tutu, it has been a good day.

Too many Painted tutu's but I love it
Too many Painted tutu’s but I love it Photo Credit Ted Hackett

On this special day for Princess, another gift was given.  Curly-locks gave her the special doll house that our Grandmother, Granny G gave her as a teenager.  Later in life my Granny started making doll houses for her grandchildren and she also made one for my girl. Little ones love it. Granny G  told Curly-locks to pass it on to her little girl one day. Graduation day was the event she was waiting for.

Princess in front of her Mom's Dollhouse
Princess-in-training in front of her Doll house that her Great Granny made long ago

Although I knew the answer, I even asked Curly-locks if her little Princess-in-Training enjoyed the party.  Princess said ” It was the best day of her life.” and thanked her Mom a million times. Even now, randomly she will thank her Mom for her “painting in tutu’s party”. Princess-in-Training may want another tutu-ed-event.

Of course when I saw the photos of this party, I knew how special it was for the little girls and their Moms that attended. Surely, love enveloped every tutu. What a great day sharing and celebrating. Painting in Tutus Party is a lovely idea. This creativity will encourage and inspire you to action.  Art, Paints, Tutu’s, friends, gifts and food! What more could a princess want? Oh yeah, sleep.

A tired Pincess
A totally tired Princess-in-training

After a quick  review, here are a few recipes to try for  Painting in Tutus Party. Check these out as options for your extrava-tutu-ganza. The dessert category is filled with other pie and cheesecake options as well.

  1. Chocolate Mint Cake Pops
  2. Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites
  3. A Chocolate Pollock You May Eat
  4. Chocolate with Strawberries and Cream
  5. All The Way Chocolate
  6. Chocolate Mint Cookie Bites filled with Coconut Cloud
  7. Updated 100 Year Old Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

In summary, this was an amazing display and devotion for all. How precious a gift to share when we gift our time and love.  I love this  Painting in Tutus Party. Please share this idea with every one that has or knows a princess in training. It is too special to not share.

Happy entertaining!












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  1. Mimi, I so loved this article. The photos and the printed word just made it so special. I’m sure it will motivate many to do something similar for their children or grands. Thx ?

    1. Yes I agree tiaras are a must. I know the perfect artist that may lead us through the world-wide-web-of-art. The question is to Tutu or not to Tutu? Maybe an item for the April calendar?

  2. And yet another reason to want to time travel. I would have loved this idea for my little nugget when she was little!!! Loved your recipe ideas!!!

    1. Thanks Rae. It is never ever ever too late to throw a party. Plan a party with your girl using the art idea and incorporate items that a teenager would love. In lieu of tutus, they could dress as favorite author or musician. Happy planning

  3. Tracey this is amazing!!! You outdid yourself! I got to relive that amazing day and I enjoyed every second! You have knack for this girl! Thank-you again…I’ll treasure this forever and ever ?

    1. Thank you for sharing your great day! It is the best idea, ever! I am going to have to do a spin-off for my ever growing nephews but maybe without the tutu’s.

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