Open a bottle and share

I am happy to have a long weekend coming up. The holiday season is always a joyful one.  We celebrate our friends and family. We shower them with gifts and elaborate meals. We go from can to can’t as my Grandmother Theda Faye used to say.

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Our lives that are already jammed pack before October hits and somehow we manage to squeeze in, yet more.  If you have little ones, this  is all compounded as I vaguely remember between school and extracurricular activities.

As your rushing around trying to complete everything in a timely manner take time to enjoy it all. The little ones will be asking for your car keys before you know it. They will be rushing from your house to meet with their “cool friends”. Enjoy them while they still want to hang out with you.

You never know who might “pop up ” on the porch

If you have guests coming over, don’t stress. Make a list and check it twice. It will all work out. If not, it will give you something to laugh at later. Enjoy your time with the ones that you love and try to find something positive in the ones that you tolerate.

Please don’t get hung up on everything being perfect. Do your best and enjoy! Your guests are happy to be invited and realize that Martha Stewart isn’t on your staff list. If anyone arrives with white gloves, prepare their cocktail first. Allow your guests to assist with any last minute items, they will be happy to do so.

Please, open a bottle and share!





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