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Recently, I attended my first meeting. I joined Pensters Writing Group.  I had no idea about what to expect from a  writing group.  Plenty of questions filled my head about ramifications of joining. My goal included improving writing skills and increasing quality of content on web site. Of course, I had a ton of questions about the writing group.

Who was in the group and would they accept me into the club? Would my writing be good enough? In how many ways would I embarrass myself over the course of the next year? How would my participation impact my writing?  I needed answers or maybe a glass of wine.

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Write it down.
What is Pensters Writing Group?

Pensters Writing Group has been in existence longer than I have wanted to write. With over fifty years under its belt, Pensters Writing Group is the largest and oldest writing group in Baldwin and Mobile County. Pensters site lists information about how to become a member and events that are open to the public.

Finally, I was excited to attend a meeting with the writing group but I must admit I was a bit hesitant. Stepping into unknown territory wearing my birthday suit . Well not really wearing my birthday suit, but I was nervous just the same. For as long as I may remember, I have wanted to be a writer. And it was time to improve my skills.

Seize the Day while you have the energy Writers Group
Starting is important.

Attending the speaker sessions that Pensters offers monthly would offer useful information. As a member of a  writing group, I would be able to make connections and participate with the writing community. “The purpose of the Pensters shall be to improve craftsmanship and to promote marketing of member’s works.”

Why I joined  Pensters Writing Group

With a slight hesitation and eagerness, I approached the group, and signed in. Just beyond the sign in area, the speaker and author Kara Martinez Bachman was sitting and selling her book, “Kissing the Crisis”- Field Notes on Foul-Mouthed Babies, Disenchanted Women, & Careening into Middle Age”. I thoroughly enjoyed our brief conversation and purchased a book. Anyone careening into middle age needs a handbook and I was no exception.

Speaker Kara Bachman spoke at SeptemberWriting Group
Speaker Kara Bachman spoke at September writing group

As the meeting started, I grabbed  a seat near the back of the class and observed.  Then as I gazed around it was easy to see the group consisted of  passionate writers.  Most of all,  I had landed where I needed to be. Learning from experienced writers and published authors was one of my reasons for joining the group.

Joined Pensters Writers Group to improve content for blogging

Of course, improving my craft is on my list. Anyone contemplating writing or starting a blog must focus on creating quality content. Happy to hear  Pensters Writing Group’s mission included assisting me on my journey to improve as well. Maybe this extra support would make up for the missing degree and fancy initials after my name. Oh why didn’t I pay more attention in school?

For my continuing education, I daily read something that will improve my writing skills. Since I have waited so late to start, I have a lot of catching up to do. I joined Pensters Writing Group  to utilize as a resource. If you have yearned to write, come to a meeting. You can sit by me in the back of the class.

In conclusion, if you live too far away to join our group, find a writing group near you.  For anyone creating a blog it is the perfect reason to join a writing group.  Creating quality content is important to attract and keep a fan base returning to your site.  This would be at the top of my blogging lessons 101. Take the plunge and join.

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Dr Seuss
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  1. I applaude your courage and humility in the name of growth and development Mimi!! Now if you only figure out how to organize your laundry room. 🙂

    1. My friend, it is a long journey. At the end of my destination I plan to arrive well traveled, weary from the road, educated from the experience of it all, smiling and sliding in but barely. Somehow the memories of my organized laundry room may not make my story. But it is on my list.

      1. Well said Mimi….I see the Pensters group is paying off! Looking forward to your blogging of the local film festival.

        1. Thank you for the support! The film festival is a cool event. You will both enjoy the “art” of it. Go see The Foreigner with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Our crew saw the film tonight at the amphitheater. It was very cold but we bundled up with quilts and libations. Full on picnic with tater salad and cookies.

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