Food as Art

I am so excited to cook for you this weekend! On the way to the grocery, I suffered through the Heat wave that I found outside. I am to blame. I jinxed us yesterday by commenting on how the heat had moved on. I even went as far as commenting on how pleasant the weather was going to be for September.  Sorry!

The grocery store was packed with all sorts of cooking opportunities. I have settled on a few for my next posts.

Jacked Up Mac N Cheese

Creamy Crawfish on a Bed of Pasta

Check back for the details!

The Dough Bowl
The Dough Bowl


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I have a love affair with food, entertaining, travel and music. This site is a vehicle for me to share my journey of food. Traveling allows exposure to all types of cooking. I have learned to cook by being hungry, curious and willing to fail. Food is another form of art and creative expression.
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