Flipping Flu Comes Calling

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Our house has been hit with a new bug, Flipping Flu Comes Calling. Be very careful this time of year, you want to avoid it at all costs. Sadly, “flipping flu comes calling” arrived on our doorsteps despite my attempt to block the door. Like the house guest that becomes a permanent fixture, I thought that it would never leave. Truly I was concerned that one of us or both of us would not make it.

Apparently, Grill Man picked up the flipping flu from either a business trip or drug it home from the Doctor. New strain of flipping flu is a nasty bug that holds on for three weeks which feels like forever for the caretaker AKA Mimi. If you suspect that you have it please listen, GO TO DOCTOR.  Better yet, go get the flu shot before  you get the flipping flu.

If you choose to ignore this sage advice, as soon as you feel bad GO TO DOCTOR. Quarantine and move to a room all by yourself. Otherwise, your partner will catch the flipping flu and then who will take care of you? Saddle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride filled with all sorts of unpleasantness.

For starters a sore throat comes calling complete with  coughing. A whiskey and honey will not cure this. Be ready for foreign unknown substances that come from out of nowhere.  Items that you will not be able to name. Little boys would probably be interested  but no one else.  Locate a case of tissue and keep it handy because you’re going to need it.

Get ready for night sweats and headaches that will make you want to be a frequent shopper at the local hospital.  Fear not, as resigned as you may become for relief at the hospital, the effects are short-lived. The fluids will lure you into thinking that you are feeling better. Just sit back and relax, flipping flu is not through torturing you yet.

Hopefully you have a partner that loves you and will help you through this dire time. If not, get your check book out and call someone. You will need someone to aid you with hot tea, soup, cough drops,  locating the one item that you desperately need at all times, water.

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Vintage Valentine from Germany

It is important to eat even if tiny portions. Although you clearly may not want to eat anything because you may feel like a passenger on the fast train to the final destination.  Yes, even good food tastes awful. Eat anyway it is about fuel for the body not a tasting event.

A caregiver is imperative. Basically anyone that will remind you to drink water and force you to eat even though food is the last thing on the mind. Good idea to hide any guns or sharp objects, no point in tempting anyone. Three weeks of flipping flu takes its toll on everyone.

Suggestions for surviving when Flipping Flu Comes Calling

1.0 Go to Doctor at first symptoms immediately ( very important)

2.0 On your way home from Doctor buy the following: Lemons, juice, tissues, Flu & cold medicine, Sinus Personal Steam  Inhaler,  grapes, Vick’s Vapor Rub, bottled water

3.0 At all times drink water constantly. If nauseated, take something for nausea so that you may drink water.

4.0 Squeeze lemon into a glass of water and drink daily.

5.0 Apply Vicks Vapor Rub on chest am and pm.

6.0 Take large doses of vitamin c but only after food

7.0 Take a hot shower every day that your able to safely stand in shower.

8.0 Use Sinus Vapor Steam daily to reduce symptoms.

Note to caretakers if Flipping Flu Comes Calling

1.0 Install a large trash can besides patients bed and recliner. This will allow patient to free-throw the mountain of tissues directly into a bio-hazard bag.

2.0 Stockpile everything that they will need on the bedside table. Phone, cough drops, meds, thermometer, tissues, magazines etc. Place extra blanket on bottom of bed for your patient. This may save you a few trips entering the contagion zone.

3.0 Wash your hands with hot water and soap every single time that you have contact with anything that your patient has touched and maybe even looked at.

4.0 Take large doses of vitamin c daily. Take large glass of water with lemon squeezed in to increase your antioxidants. Your body needs a strong immune system, especially now.

5.0 Bottled water is for special occasions and in my opinion this one qualifies. Stock bottles on the bedside table. Monitor how many your patient drinks. This is critical due to risk of dehydration. Otherwise,  expect to drive patient on a direct trip to the hospital. Not a fun travel trip.

6.0 Bring meals to patient. This will prevent patient from exposing the rest of the house with germs.   Soups and hot tea are good for many reasons. Grapes, cheese,  peanut butter and crackers may be tolerated if  your patient has nausea.

7.0 Remember to buy a stockpile of wine. It is important that the caretaker has plenty of fluids  accessible to keep up the Nurse Nightingale act. No one wants Nurse Ratched.

Sign on stone "When in Doubt Add More Wine" www.diningwithmimi.com
When all else fails, drink wine.

8.0 Use time alone to catch up on all of those things that you usually don’t have time for reading, sleeping, wine-ing.

9.0 After you figure our that patient is doing well enough on his own, plan a night out with your girlfriends. 24 hours after the last fever your patient is no longer contagious. After you have reached this stage without symptoms, meet for a movie or a glass of wine.

Certainly, I would love to say that I was smart enough to carry out these suggestions for when flipping flu comes calling. Too little too late.  Certainly not for lack of trying, I researched all over the internet for flu survival suggestions and  added any practical advice to survive without actually catching the flu. Make use of this list if flipping flu comes calling.

Soup Recipes for when Flipping Flu Comes Calling

Soups are easier for your system to tolerate if your sick. My site has many versions for you to cook at home.  Here are just a few for your cooking pleasure.

Using Turkey Carcass creating White Turkey Chili

Weary Souls Chicken Soup Recipe

Spicy Corn and Crawfish Chowder

In summary, if you have any suggestions for when Flipping Flu Comes Calling, please let me know.

Author: Mimi

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  1. Glad “Grill Man” is finally getting over the flipping flu and thanks to you Mimi for helping him get over it! Now go get that flu shot!!

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