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Paddling helps burns calories for Seasoned Ahi Tuna Steak

Join the paddle with Fairhope Paddle Group. Our weather here on the Gulf Coast has been glorious and I have enjoyed it all. Whether its been cool, warm or hot the weather in our coastal town has surely lured you outdoors to enjoy nature.

While the weather is lovely, plan ahead, grab your kayak or paddle board and meet us on the beach. With the weather changing paddling is a bit tricky and our schedule becomes very spontaneous. A few of us have wet suits and will paddle throughout the cooler months. If you want to join us, please email me at Please add Paddling to subject and email your information. As we plan a paddle, I will text anyone interested in paddling.

Please join us to wind down, burn calories, de-stress, meld into nature and paddle Mobile Bay. Remove yourself from technology and head to the beach. Words fall short at times when I try to describe the immense joy that I have when paddling on the open water. An abundance of warm sunshine, birds flying and cool breezes when Mother Nature is gracious encourages a smile.

Bird in flight Paddle with Fairhope Paddle Group
Bird in flight Dauphin Island

Plan a Paddle with Fairhope Paddle Group

My immense pleasure from good food demands that I actively pursue a physical activity. More importantly the necessity of movement as we age is vital to our continued good health and well being. Paddling is also great for improving core strength and overall balance.

Make a plan to come paddle with Fairhope Paddle Group. Local or just visiting the Eastern Shore or Gulf Coast of Alabama, bring your board or kayak and meet us on the beach to the left of the pier. Contact local businesses for rental options.

If you know how to swim, then you too can paddle. Read my former posts for resources and to get sense of the activity. If you have any questions about sport or group leave me a comment. I am happy to share what I have learned.



Annual Weeks Bay Paddle Race- August 3, 2019

Sunset at End of Paddle Paddle with Fairhope Paddle Group
End of Paddle

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