Beach Ready? New Fresh Potato Salad Recipe

New Fresh Potato Salad Recipe is a must for your summer table. Summer and families place high demands on every second of our day. New Fresh Potato Salad will squeeze in well to your hectic day and table. This dish is fresh,  easy to make,  compliments any protein and will be a welcome take-a-long to your plans. Continue reading “Beach Ready? New Fresh Potato Salad Recipe”

Quick Appetizer Plus Craft Beer- Now!

Quick appetizer plus craft beer, now!  I need it. Do you find yourself in this situation now and then? Most of us live in a world where we are very busy. We rush to and from work and struggle to squeeze in errands then chores. Then if we have little ones that we are transporting to and fro, it becomes harder still. And all that is before we have time for play? There are days when a quick appetizer plus a craft beer can save the day. Continue reading “Quick Appetizer Plus Craft Beer- Now!”

Smoky Egg Pie with Sausage and Onions Date: 10-22-16

I grew up in a large city and loved everything that the New Orléans area had to offer. I now live in a small town. I love everything that it has to offer as well. When I visit a large city, I fall in love with the new and big flavors restaurants offer. I become infatuated and long to eat my way across the city.

Continue reading “Smoky Egg Pie with Sausage and Onions Date: 10-22-16”