Creole Sausage Crescent City Savory Appetizer

New busy year demands quick and easy dishes like Creole Sausage Crescent City Savory Appetizer.  What is not to love? Bread, Creole Sausage and smeared with a generous helping of France’s finest Dijon mustard. Continue reading “Creole Sausage Crescent City Savory Appetizer”

Rustic Peach Tart

Rustic Peach Tart recipe is the simplest of desserts. All of the ingredients that are stocked in our pantry with the one addition of fresh peaches. Serve peaches freshly picked firm and juicy. Be aware that the peach juice is ready and willing to drip down as you reach in for a bite. Continue reading “Rustic Peach Tart”

Recipe Brown Sugar Bites Dessert

Recipe for Brown Sugar Bites Dessert will tempt you to sit and have a cup of coffee.  This  dessert is a blend of cookie and candy that is a bit of both. The concoction has some of my favorite ingredients in a recipe.  Continue reading “Recipe Brown Sugar Bites Dessert”