Fairhope’s Sweet Gift of Music from The Tall Pines

Grill Man and I have an addiction to music. Loud, soft, hard, and slow music in all formats touch our souls. Today our world offers access to music from many sources including our cell phones. Music on tap instantly to our favorite tunes. Even with the greatest technology nothing compares to the intimate experience of the live version. Recently we hosted a private house concert and enjoyed Fairhope’s Sweet Gift of Music from The Tall Pines.

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Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event

Trio of little girls and others enjoying the show at Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event www.diningwithmimi.com
Adorable Roman Street fans enjoying the music.

Live at Five is my new favorite hip Fairhope outdoor event. Great weather, cool Concert Series and awesome amphitheater. Perfect event for all ages. Lovely way to spend an afternoon with your friends in a small or large group. Event is held at Halstead Amphitheater on campus of Coastal Alabama Community College. Continue reading “Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event”

Local Wine Tasting Event

During a busy week I managed to squeeze in a local wine tasting event in Fairhope in lieu of Napa.  A six-course wine and tasting menu designed to lure you. A deal at $20 per tasting.  Wine offered  a perfect response to my thirst. Food pairings offered a bite to tempt you. My friends were a perfect pairing for the local wine tasting and welcome sight near the end of my workday. Continue reading “Local Wine Tasting Event”

Local Paddle Group

Local Paddle Group is an idea that I should have had long ago. From the first time that I discovered the paddle board concept, I was intrigued with the idea.  Water, sun, fun, friends and exercise? From day one the need to paddle stayed with me until I eventually tried it. Continue reading “Local Paddle Group”