February 2020 with Hoda Wan Kenobi

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February 2020 rolled by quicker than the parade floats at Mardi Gras. Yet even with February’s pace, I managed to skate by without any tragedies. Hoda Kotb’s book, I Really Needed This Today is now part of my daily practice. I have labeled this exercise, February 2020 with Hoda Wan Kenobi.

Why Hoda Wan Kenobi? Because I need all the help that I may find. My January 2020 with Hoda Wan Kenobi inspired me to see the Star Wars “ways of the Jedi.” Hoda’s book contains the aphorism designed to help challenge and change our perspective so that we may become one with the force.

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Finding balance in a Covid covered world

Who doesn’t want to be one with the force and have balance? I am on a path to locate balance and latch on like Vadar is on my tail. 2019 offered many blessings for myself and my family but I recall the challenges of the last decade. In addition, now we have a covid covered world to navigate for us and our family.

Become part of the solutions for this crazy time not part of the problem. For example, who is really hoarding all the toilet paper? Everyone that I speak with is in shock. Yet someone is buying paper like “they ain’t gonna make no more.”

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Challenges find us where ever we are. Whether we are hunkering down from the storm, Covid 19 or heading out to work. Simply leaving our home now invites a contagion to return with us. Be careful and pay attention at all times. You don’t know where the invisible virus is located.

Covid 19 is impacting everyone daily. Each day it is harder to ignore the suffering that clearly is around the world. If you’re healthy, be grateful. We need to continue the social distancing until this contagion is under control. Hopefully,this happens soon so that the financial impact is lessened.

Locally, we should do what we may to help small businesses. Whether it is ordering take out, simply buying a gift card to dine or purchasing gift cards to be used as presents later. Give where you can and be generous.

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We must isolate in our homes to help protect the most vulnerable among us. This is the mandate. Make a challenge of it and find a positive in all of this uncertainty. We have so many things to be grateful for besides free time.

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When is the last time you had free time?

Yay, you have won the lottery, you have more time. When is the last time that happened? Find time for the things that you have been unable to do. Sit and read a book. Write letters to all of the people that you are unable to see at the moment.

Reconnect with your spouse and children. Call everyone that you love. Learn a foreign language from a free app. Start writing that book. Write your memoir for children and grand children. Exercise in your house or backyard. Do all of this and more, now is the time.

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Don’t forget your love also has free time. Today is a great day to start on the honey-do list. Whether it is work on the house, yard, planting a garden, etc. If you help with the list it will make the work go quicker. Then you both may kick back with a glass of Fairhope Beer or wine.

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In summary, no matter how you choose to spend your time, be careful. Particularly now the galaxy is treacherous and it helps to have mind-tricks since light sabers are out of fashion. February 2020 with Hoda Wan Kenobi aka Hoda Kotb has been enlightening. Check out her book, “I Really Needed This Today.”

Stay healthy,
Love from Mimi’s Kitchen

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