La Revue Dining With Mimi, 2

La Revue Dining With Mimi 2

This time of year near the Gulf Coast the weather is lovely. Just the idea that Spring is around the corner makes us giddy. Paddling is one way that I find peace in this noisy time. What are you doing to find peace?La Revue Dining With Mimi, 2 is a snapshot of things to think about and discover too.

La Revue- Experience

All over the USA, we have a wide variety of activities and events that are offered for our pleasure. (Although at the moment they are shelved until Covid19 settles on down) Yet, I think that sometimes we stay within our little corner and participate only with events that we know well. I urge you to step out of your box and select an activity that is new.

Last week, Chi-Girl, Red, Racer and I met up in Mobile one evening after work. Our mission included a quick bit to eat and then pop over to USA Campus for comedian Erin Jackson. Did I mention the show was free?

We all met at Via Emilia on Old Shell for dinner. This was my first visit to this restaurant and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although the interior is modest and small they also have an outdoor seating area. Upon entering the fragrant smell of hot baked bread greets you at the door.

Hot baked bread La Revue Dining With Mimi 2
Hot Fresh Bread with Italian Seasoning

Quickly the four of us settled in, ordered our meal and a bottle of wine. While we were waiting for Eggplant Emilia to arrive we were able to catch up and share some girl talk. Over a glass of red medicine we talked and laughed. I for one inhaled my fresh hot bread that I slathered in olive oil and spices. Hot bread with a meal just makes you feel better.

Who is Erin Jackson?

Everyone enjoyed the Italian food, wine and conversation. Before we knew it was time to head over to USA to see Erin Jackson perform. Chi-Girl, Red and I sauntered in with our very own USA Alumni to lead us to our laugh session.

Wine is group therapy La Revue Dining With Mimi
Wine Talks provide a certain type of therapy

Soon Erin joined the stage and started her routine. The Washington Post describes Erin as “The tell-it-to-you-straight girlfriend every woman should have in her crew.” Erin is from Brooklyn and performs often in New York. All of us laughed at her NYC attitude and Erin-isms.

Certainly the wine and food was good. Erin’s thoughts on life made all of us laugh out loud. My favorite part of the evening boiled down to a night out with my girlfriends. No matter where you live, your local colleges offer free to low cost events. Step out of your box and organize something different for your girlfriends to enjoy. (You have plenty of time to plan while Covid19 is wreaking havoc.)

La Revue- Recipe

This weekend my parents stopped in for a visit before their quarantine started. We had a lovely visit. I cooked a Sunday lunch for all of us including my brother and nephews. Spending quality time with family is important.

For lunch I created a marinated coleslaw, Unprocessed Candied Jalapeno Coleslaw. Whether you call it a crunchy coleslaw, salad or side dish it is delicious. Let me know what you think.

La Revue- Favorite Reading

With the corona virus AKA Covid 19 challenging the world as a pandemic, we have displayed our underbelly in rare form. From hoarding toilet paper and antibacterial gel we have crossed over into dangerous territory. No matter how Covid 19 shakes out in the end, we must get a grip on handling difficult situations.

Covid 19 could create other issues like delivery of our medicines could be impacted. NPR reported “That’s because the vast majority of active ingredients in medicines dispensed in the U.S. are made in factories overseas, many in China. ” How would your health sustain without meds?

Besides the medicine, do you wonder how safe our food supply is? Will the food supply continue to be consistent and healthy? Please read the book, Farmacology by Dr Daphne Miller, M.D. It is “Total Health from the Ground Up.” Dr Miller believes in “food as medicine” and the book reveals how the ecology of our bodies and farms are linked.

Favorite reading for La Revue Dining With Mimi Book titled Farmacology- Squash in the garden with blooms
Garden Squash

Buying from local farms will support the communities and ensures access and sustainability. When is the last time you purchased something from a local farm? If you don’t start supporting them now they may NOT be around later. Do we really want to be dependent solely on other countries or corporate America?

La Revue- My Discovery path

Overall I was a good student. In the 8th grade I struggled with my Math teacher although I was not alone. Her style of hard, fast and then move on quickly did not work well with my brain. Heaven help if you were brave enough to ask questions. She would sigh and then quickly run through the problem on the chalkboard.

This exercise would be directly followed by a glare that would burn holes in your psyche. A temporary burn but I remember it still even today. This teacher loved students that excelled in Math. I needed Math instruction that catered to my brain and its ability to process.

School chaulkboard lessons for La Revue Dining With Mimi

Neither of us understood how to help me. When I finished this school year, I was thrilled to be leaving her behind. It would be a very long time before I realized I had a touch of ADHD. Along with the natural aspects of ADHD a suitcase of stigma and shame ride along as well.

Over time you adapt, adjust and learn how to navigate with the blessings of your genetic makeup. We have an arsenal of tools today to assist us in organizing our lives. If you push through and don’t quit, it is possible to learn how to manage almost anything.

As humans we learn to manage. Yet, I wonder if when nature doles out a flaw does it also provide a secret weapon? Imagine my joy when I discovered this article about The Creativity of ADHD.

Discovery- Belief requires you to take a leap for La Revue Dining With Mimi 2

“The innovative, original thinking style of people with ADHD may be a great fit for innovative fields where it’s an advantage to be on the cutting edge. ” Holly White

If you know someone with ADHD (spouse, child, college student, co-worker or friend) read this article. The writer Holly White is a research scientist at University of Michigan that focuses on creative cognition and divergent thinking.

Three women for Celebrate life daily La Revue Dining With Mimi

That is a wrap on La Revue Dining With Mimi 2.Who is your favorite author and book? Do you have an event that you want to share? Have you read something that made you mad, laugh or cry? What tickles your discovery zone?

Stay safe,
Love from Mimi’s Kitchen

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