Hoda Kotb, Vern McLellan and I agree

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Hoda Kotb, Vern McLellan and I agree on at least one thing. Probably more than one but I want to share this one with you. Recently a friend gave me a new book written by Hoda Kotb. “I really needed this today.” At any given point I have several books that are waiting patiently for their turn. Yet this book’s title called to me ahead of the current lineup. This could me my new go to book for daily inspirations.

While taking a break from picking up the clutter around my house, I reached for my new book. Not that I had any free time at all to read because the clutter seemed to grow when my back was turned. Almost to the point of a secret clutter conspiracy. By the way, when I locate the responsible parties someones in big trouble.

Looking for the finest thoughts

Meanwhile, I settled in my comfy chair for a minute and flipped through my book. Kotb’s dedication made me smile. What a brilliant marketing start to reel us all in from the beginning.

If you’ve ever read a quote, nodded your head, and thought, I am not alone….this book is for you.

Hoda Kotb’s gift is 365 points to ponder and her reflections. All of us love quotes that inspire us or give us a call to action. Websters definition of aphorism is a concise statement of a principle. Murray Davis defines it as the “finest thoughts in the fewest words.”

If only I could learn to create the “finest thoughts in the fewest words.” A bit stunned that I had not heard of aphorism before. Surprised that aphorism is not a man-tra for men and that they would all be discussing the values of aphorism.

As I settled into my new book I read the first quote for the year. After I read it once, I had to read it again. Clear concise and to the point, I really needed this message today and every day. Are you curious yet?

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.” Vern McLellan

Who is Vern McLellan?

Indeed this quote was attributed to Vern McLellan and I admit I had no clue who he is or his beliefs. In McLellan’s bio it lists him as a writer, speaker, musician, broadcaster and associate pastor. Clearly Vern had been busy and managed to publish several books. In 2000, he published “Wise Words and Quotes” to inspire and entertain.

Especially now that Vern and Hoda had thrown down the gauntlet, what did it mean? How would I participate in creating a great new year? What tools did I have at my fingertips? How would my actions participate in its formation? Did I have any barricades?

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Are you blocked in some way?

It should be noted, I had lots of questions and not all the answers. Yet quiet time would help me find the answers that work for me. Without a doubt, Hoda Kotb, Vern McLellan and I agree that “what the new year brings to you will depend on what you bring to the new year.”

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Be open to creating a new day, habit, year and life.

Hoda Kotb, Vern and I agree on the “bring it” theory

Especially, Hoda Kotb, Vern and I agree that we are and should be active participants in our lives. Even so it is too easy to settle into a routine and go through the motions. On the other hand, what one thing can you change today that will bring a positive outcome to 2020?

At this time, what are your intentions? Finally, how may you “bring it to the new year”? How will it change you or others around you? If you decide to “really bring it this year” how will that impact the world (family, friends or community) around you?

Look for the unexpected and it will appear, like a goregous red flower on top of a snowy mountain.

“It is impossible to know how everything that we do impacts others. “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” ~ Dalai Lama.

Last but not least, what ripples will you create to bring it in 2020? Also if you want to share I would love to hear from you.

Book- I Really Needed This Today
Hoda Kotb with Jane Lorenzini
G.P. Putnam’s Sons

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