Au Revoir Covid, Hello Summer Watermelon
Watermelon Infused Vodka Cocktail. A refreshing vodka over ice without extra calories or preservatives.
  1. Locate large glass container to soak watermelon for 30 days. I used a 5 gallon beverage dispenser. Ideas for glass containers: any 2 or 5 gallon mason jar, pickle jar or large storage container. You will also need a container for the rinds.
  2. Wash watermelon and dry with towel.
  3. On a large cutting board place the watermelon. Using a sharp knife cut one end flat and place flat end on board. This will allow you more stability while you cut off the remainder of green rind. (Remove rind and save to make watermelon pickles). Be careful while removing rind.
  4. Once all rind is removed. You want to place knife into watermelon and make a 1″ cut slice all the way through to cutting board.Then cut that slice into smaller 1″ square chunks. Add chunks to watermelon dispenser . Repeat until all melon is in jar.
  5. Pour vodka over watermelon until it completely covers fruit and 1″ over.
  6. Add sugar and stir. Wrap a cheesecloth over top and secure with rubber band or string. Allow to sit for 30 days. After one week the flavor is lingering in the vodka. Tap into your patience because in 30 days it will be lovely.
  7. Stir with wooden spoon every 2-3 days and cover.
  8. After 30 days, remove watermelon fruit and place into freezer bag. Freeze and you may use later in lieu of ice.
  9. Using a fine sieve strain liquid into a large pitcher. Then pour into a clear clean wine bottle. Toss seeds or debris. Add watermelon infused vodka to fridge until ready to serve over ice. Serve as needed or host a Au Revoir Covid, Hello Summer Watermelon.
Recipe Notes