“Can you make a snake Pancake?”

25 hours and 30 minutes with my two nephews have left me pondering all sorts of things. I am pretty sure that I have burned all sorts of calories running after a 3 and 6-year-old. The overnight at Mimi’s was a volunteer “gig” so that Mom and Dad could extend their long weekend. Memaw and I are doing a tag team to give a much-needed and well deserved break for their parents. Why a tag team? Well, Memaw and I are smarter than the average bear. We realize that “youngons” are for young-folk.  It takes the two of us to cover the weekend. I had to take vitamins to cover my time slot. We won’t discuss that I caved about 7pm last night and mixed a refreshing Moscow Mule. Continue reading ““Can you make a snake Pancake?””

“Hello! Is there anyone in there? Just nod if you can hear me.”

Is there anyone at home? If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, you may recognize the lyrics. The lyrics somehow seemed right for my first, “Shout out”. The dining with Mimi is my attempt to introduce you to my journey of food.

David Gilmour in concert at Hollywood bowl
David Gilmour in concert at Hollywood bowl

I was lucky enough to attend Rattle That Lock Tour by David Gilmour.  I knew the concert would be great. David and his crew delivered an awesome performance.  The concert offered the perfect amount of old and new music. The Rattle That Lock album is an excellent choice for your album collection. Continue reading ““Hello! Is there anyone in there? Just nod if you can hear me.””