And you want me to eat that?

I was fortunate to be invited to join Van on a business trip to Sweden. Sweden is a beautiful country and should be added to any travel wish list. The people were very gracious everywhere on our trip. Everyone that I encountered,  understood my Southern. This was important because my Swedish is so good. Nej! (no)

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Creamy Spicy Crawfish on a Bed of Pasta


By this time, all of the babes have started back to school. Whether you have little ones or teenagers, life has started to move at a different pace. Merging everyone’s activities along with school obligations may be a challenge. I vaguely remember feeling like a taxi driver for my daughter, but without the tips.

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Food as Art

I am so excited to cook for you this weekend! On the way to the grocery, I suffered through the Heat wave that I found outside. I am to blame. I jinxed us yesterday by commenting on how the heat had moved on. I even went as far as commenting on how pleasant the weather was going to be for September.  Sorry!

The grocery store was packed with all sorts of cooking opportunities. I have settled on a few for my next posts.

Jacked Up Mac N Cheese

Creamy Crawfish on a Bed of Pasta

Check back for the details!

The Dough Bowl
The Dough Bowl


Sausage and Friends Game Day Dip


Celebrating SEC Championship Photo by Kent Gidley
Celebrating SEC Championship Photo by Kent Gidley

Summer heat is starting to simmer down, events in the making and Sausage and Friends Game Day Dip recipe should be on your list. On the Gulf Coast, by the end of August a good rain is greatly appreciated to cool down the natives. It has already started in our little corner of the world, game day is almost here. First Alabama game of the season is this weekend. Tail-gate parties will be coming together and backyard football parties are in the making. Surely, all the football decor is coming out of the closet.

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Spicy Chili with Chipotle


Chipotle Chile Powder
Chipotle Chile Powder

A decade ago or so, I found chipotle and fell in love. It’s smoky flavor  appeals to me, whether its chipotle in adobo sauce or chiptole chili powder. The chipotle chile powder should come with it’s own warning buzzer.  A small amount will increase the heat. In our house, we love spicy so chipotle is a perfect heat to add. It’s a sneaky heat but delicious.

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Potato’s, Leeks and flavor “oh my”

Leeks, random purchase of the week
Leeks, random purchase of the week

I love to create recipes out of the ingredients that I randomly purchase at the grocery store.  As a wander aimlessly through the produce, something always grabs my attention. I often have no idea how I will use. I only know that I really want to cook with it. It also helps to pair them with items that you randomly have at home. Of course, that creates the other problem, “OMG, What am I going to do with that?”. This may occur after a very busy week and often happens as you find the “random purchase” in the refrigerator.  Continue reading “Potato’s, Leeks and flavor “oh my””

Beach Day

It all started out sunny

A close friend and I drove her monster truck down to Pensacola to visit with friends at her spot on the beach. We were planning on a day spent in the sun, near the gulf, with our feet in the sand. We managed to make it to the beach, chairs in hand and with cooler. The wind and waves rolled in.  We popped a top. The summer heat cooled off, which felt just right.

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Peeps, chickens and Egg Pie



When the little peeps arrived at our house, they were a couple of days old. Being the non-farmers that we are, our peeps moved into first class real estate, the rabbit cage. Little peeps are too cute too watch. After watching a  clutch or two grow, I am still amazed how they develop. Before they  grow very big,  the male peeps stand out over the females. The male chicks will strut about like they “own the rabbit cage”.  The females learn to tolerate the males. Just about the time that  there is not enough space to do so, they are ready to move to the big house. Continue reading “Peeps, chickens and Egg Pie”

Country eggs raised in a Condo

On our little slice of country living,  we have happy hens. The hens consist of a variety of breeds that lay their own version of a “country egg”. When I was growing up, chickens lived on farms. If you wanted to visit a farm, you had to drive way out to the country. A day spent in the country was a good day. Continue reading “Country eggs raised in a Condo”

Crawfish Pies on the Bayo’


As a child growing up in Louisiana, I was immersed in food flavors of the region. My parents had their fair share of entertaining. It was composed of  southern traditional meals. Our location on the Gulf supplied easy access to great seafood. My Dad mastered the seafood boil whether it was shrimp, crawfish or crab. My sister GA Peach and I learned early to peel shrimp and pick  out crab meat.

The crawfish “sucking heads” trick came later. Occasionally, my Dad and his friends would sit around the garage and shuck oysters. As a child or even teenager, this seemed about as disgusting as it could ever get. They would usually have a cold one near by. As a teenager even the lure of a beer did not entice me to try raw oysters. Continue reading “Crawfish Pies on the Bayo’”