Learn to Make Shrimp, Sausage and Okra Gumbo like you were “born there”

When people think of foods that represent Louisiana, gumbo is always at the top of the list. Learn to Make Shrimp, Sausage and Okra Gumbo like you were “born there”. As a signature dish, gumbo certainly represents the melting pot that New Orleans became famous for. The different countries that owned the territory of Orleans that eventually became Louisiana, all left their stamp in the architecture and cuisine.

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Chief, Cook and Laundry-washer

Waste Not Want Not Series
Leftover Item: Ham Bone

Saturday is a great day to cram in, all sorts of fun activities and the “dreaded chores”. My Saturday started out well with a great cup of Costa Rican dark roast coffee with a splash of creme. I have tried to stop adding sugar to my coffee. At this point, I still want sugar. I hope that it passes soon.

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Easiest Meal Ever with Roast, Potatoes and Carrots

Busy Mimi
Busy Mimi


As a busy wife, Mom, Mimi and friend, life  gets hectic at our house at times. It is important to “manage the madness” before it manages you. If not managed, it will leave you with a pile of fires.  Fire management, was part of UHK’s curriculum. I graduated from UHK with honors.


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Hot and Easy Game Day Dip

During this time of year, it is hard to navigate the plethora of activities to choose from on any given day. On the Gulf Coast, we are trying to hold on to the last shreds of Summer, before the cool breezes settle in. We have started moving out doors, earlier in the evenings to enjoy the end of the day haze. The afternoon that calls for a cocktail or two with friends. The porches have started  to be decked out with Mums, pumpkins and assorted Fall trimmings. Continue reading “Hot and Easy Game Day Dip”

Flounder Dressed with Eggplant, Shrimp and Sausage


Child of "the city"
Child of “the city”

As a child growing up in New Orleans, we were surrounded by fabulous cooks. In our network of family and friends alone, great cooks were all around. Not that we were going to 5 course meals on a daily basis, but the flavors of fresh food were abundant. Simple home cooked meals made with fresh seafood, farm  or market vegetables and a ample supply of protein options.

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Things to come

I have enjoyed sharing, the foods that I, love with all of you. I hope that you have found something that will make you head straight to the kitchen, grab an apron and go to work. Grabbing an item from “the Dough Bowl” to whip up a recipe, has been enjoyable.  Preparing fresh food and using whole foods requires more effort than opening a box. The results and rewards are so worth it.

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Working Mom’s Chicken Enchilada’s

My Mom walking down the aisle
My Mom walking down the aisle


My Mom used to make Chicken Enchiladas for us when I was at home. She taught me how to make them a long time ago. I have made so many times that I have not used a recipe in years. I have created this version of her recipe but added a couple of changes here and there.

Thanks Mom!

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Chocolate Mint Cake Pops

September 30th is a special day for me. A major life changing event occurred on that day and my life as I knew it, was over. My daughter Ashley was born and changed my world forever. Becoming a Mother changes you in ways that you would not imagine. It opens your heart and your perspective reflects a different world.

My daughter Ashley
My daughter Ashley

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Simply Zin Tomato Garlic Sauce

In Louisiana, Justin Wilson was a fixture that we all knew about growing up. He was funny, ‘way Cajun’ and had a cooking show on PBS.  It was probably my first connection with a “cooking show”. Justin would pour in wine, to the meal that he was cooking. Then, he would pour himself a bit, then maybe a bit more. He was famous for his humor and love of Cajun culture. “I GARONTEE!”

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