Tired of News today- Need a plan?

Are you tired of news today and need a plan? I know I am. Between the local and state news discussing government shenanigans, it is hard not to wonder what has happened to us? Add in a  dash of politics and the lid explodes the powder keg . Continue reading “Tired of News today- Need a plan?”

Quick Appetizer Plus Craft Beer- Now!

Quick appetizer plus craft beer, now!  I need it. Do you find yourself in this situation now and then? Most of us live in a world where we are very busy. We rush to and from work and struggle to squeeze in errands then chores. Then if we have little ones that we are transporting to and fro, it becomes harder still. And all that is before we have time for play? There are days when a quick appetizer plus a craft beer can save the day. Continue reading “Quick Appetizer Plus Craft Beer- Now!”

Instill appreciation

Instill appreciation for freedom to choose and honor of those who paved the way. This statement has much meaning to me for many reasons. Freedom is not free. It is available to us because of the sacrifices that have been generously paid by others.

Most families have Service Men and Woman that are serving in our military or have served in the past. Military families carry a heavy load. The ravages of war are brutal. The losses suffered are damaging and permanent. Certainly this is hard to comprehend in living color unless you have served or  witnessed the first hand effects of military life.

Benjamin Z Byrd in Italy WWII www.diningwithmimi.com
Benjamin Z Byrd Jr. in Italy WWII

Due to the absence alone of a parent, it would leave a vacancy for the family. The absence is temporary but the day’s loss to the loved one is real. Life happens every day, with the clock ticking day by day, those minutes are lost forever. God forbid, that a death occur and create a permanent loss of life. How many ways would this impact one family?

Instill appreciation for Military’s Service

On Memorial Day, we raise the memory of our military service members that have died in service. Especially relevant, Memorial Day is for remembrance of those losses and confirmation of the continuing struggle to fight for liberty and justice for all. It is time to honor and  show appreciation to those who paved the way. Where would we be without them?

wreath-at-tomb-of-unknown-soldier www.diningwithmimi.com
wreath-at-tomb-of-unknown-soldier Photo Credit Ken Kistler

What would the United States look like without freedom? Imagining the answer to this question is not something that I want to consider. Because I traveled overseas, the exposure  gave me a unique perspective on  foreign  countries. I loved every trip, people who I met, cities and countries that I visited, but there is no place like home.

What would the United States look like without freedom? That is a horror movie, I do not want to watch.




Spicy Squash Pudding Recipe

Spicy Squash Pudding Recipe is delicious. This recipe is one that you will want to use now and later. At this time of year when yellow squash is plentiful in my yard, I have my version of a food challenge. How many ways can you make squash before you tire of it? So far, so good. Continue reading “Spicy Squash Pudding Recipe”

Wine Walks

Wine walks are a perfect way to enjoy the Spring days while you may.  I have certainly enjoyed the weather on the Gulf Coast this month. I know that Summer is coming and we will be longing for the crisp evenings. The evenings that make you want to linger outside and enjoy the light breeze as it blows through. Continue reading “Wine Walks”