Waste Not Want Not

This was an expression that was drilled into our heads from my Mother and Grandmother Theda Faye.  It is an expression that I can’t imagine that I would ever forget. It has served me well over the years. I am grateful for the lesson that I was taught, to value money and preserve.

In this category on my site, I want to cover the question that we all may ask. How may I use these leftovers? I find it easier sometimes to re-purpose items than to try eating or serving again to “the man”.

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Hauntingly Delicious Shrimp Dip


My cousin's and I on our way to an egg hunt. I'm the tall brunette.
My cousin’s and I on our way to an egg hunt. I’m the tall brunette.


In my childhood, I was surrounded by great food choices in New Orleans. Not that my parents allowed us to choose.  Nor will we discuss the “juicing” phase that my parents forced us to participate in during the 70’s. My mom went through an entire health craze long before it was popular.

Our snack choices were apple, banana, plum or grapes. No bunny white bread at our house. No sodas. No fun cereal with prizes. Life was hard.

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What is your favorite childhood food memory? Do they sell it ?

I am sure that everyone has a special “food memory”. You know the one from your childhood. The one item that you long for or maybe dream about.  Or is it just me? In my case, it is more than one food item.

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Tres amigas Salsa

St Patricks Party
St Patricks Party

My favorite moments have been spent with my friends. It really doesn’t matter what the activity is or where it’s located. Sharing laughter with those that know you the most, is priceless. Sharing secrets with people who you know will place them in “the vault”. People that know your flaws, but love you anyway.

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Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites

Herb containers on my deck
Herb containers on my deck

Outside the back door, we have a beautiful collection of herbs.  They provide greenery that I am able to harvest for a long time throughout the year.  It is a healthy and easy way to improve the flavor of food. The cost of the herb plant is very inexpensive compared to buying herbs in the grocery store. Although, someone will have to water the plants when it doesn’t rain. This is a great chore for little ones or teenagers or “the partner”. This herb will grow well indoors or outdoors.

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And you want me to eat that?

I was fortunate to be invited to join Van on a business trip to Sweden. Sweden is a beautiful country and should be added to any travel wish list. The people were very gracious everywhere on our trip. Everyone that I encountered,  understood my Southern. This was important because my Swedish is so good. Nej! (no)

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Creamy Spicy Crawfish on a Bed of Pasta


By this time, all of the babes have started back to school. Whether you have little ones or teenagers, life has started to move at a different pace. Merging everyone’s activities along with school obligations may be a challenge. I vaguely remember feeling like a taxi driver for my daughter, but without the tips.

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