Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event

Trio of little ones enjoying Roman Street at Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event www.diningwithmimi.com
Trio of little girls and others enjoying the show at Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event www.diningwithmimi.com
Adorable Roman Street fans enjoying the music.

Live at Five is my new favorite hip Fairhope outdoor event. Great weather, cool Concert Series and awesome amphitheater. Perfect event for all ages. Lovely way to spend an afternoon with your friends in a small or large group. Event is held at Halstead Amphitheater on campus of Coastal Alabama Community College.

Have you attended Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event?

Surely, I would hope by now that everyone has attended at least one concert. If not, what are you waiting for? Live at Five event is free to public. Donations are accepted to support continuation of series. Bring your chair, blanket and picnic basket loaded with your favorites. Remember to bring everything that you need with you or you may find yourself cutting cheese with a wine opener.

Man cutting large hunk of cheese with wine opener at my Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event www.diningwithmimi.com
Focus remembered to bring the cheese. Annie Oakley had the wine opener with the teeny tiny knife. FYI- It worked!

Moreover even if you don’t know the music, go and try it out. Be adventurous.  Great outing for date night. Get off the couch, leave your computer, phone, and enjoy an evening outside. In any event, what do you have to lose? Please send me a comment and let me know what you think.  Red Clay Strays play April 27th as part of the series.

Before the show, park by the campus early and head over to see one of my favorite bartenders at Tongue and Groove. I love trying the newest Boozy Sodas before seeing the concert. Then  quickly hydrate with lots of water while enjoying the show, people watching and surroundings.

Bartender in denim shirt pouring a burgundy cocktail before going to Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event www.diningwithmimi.com
Newest concoction from Tonque & Groove

Besides, Coastal did a great job on building the facilities at Halstead Amphitheater. All in all venue has easy access, plenty of space and clean bathroom facilities.  Recently I have noticed food trucks being added to the events. Namely, everything is there to offer a relaxed environment to listen to music. Clearly the community is supporting the Live at Five series.

Crowd at Amphitheater at Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event www.diningwithmimi.com
Large Crowd to watch Roman Street
Local band Roman Street offers International Flavor

On Friday, Roman Street delivered a great performance of new and old songs from their growing body of work at hip Fairhope outdoor event. Indeed, Noah and Josh Thompson have a great joy for music and Jazz Fusion. Jazz music filled with an international flavor from the Classics all the way to Gypsy, Latin and Flamenco.

young guitar players at Hip Fairhope Outdoor Event www.diningwithmimi.com
Thompson brothers are easy on the eyes!

Especially playing music that sounds pure and not over produced. Guitar strums played from the heart. Notes filled with passion and sometimes longing mixed in with an upbeat tempo. Morrison Brothers as an addition joined well with Roman Street on Friday. A very talented Bongo player beat a rhythmic edge along with the band and another musician played different instruments. None of which do I know the name of but I enjoyed his performance just the same.

Joyous expressions show that this group enjoys playing together. I hope to see all of them again soon. Long ago I added Roman Street  to my kitchen music list. Finally, support band and buy cds. More importantly, we want to make sure they continue offering us new music. Yet,  Alexa will share Roman Street if you ask nicely provided she understands “your Southern”.


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