Love the family and Oh my, That Pecan Pie

fullsizerender157My Mother-in-law Wathon Woodham, is a lovely person. I am fortunate to have her in my life. I am most grateful for the way she raised her son, my husband.  He is the best gift that she has given me.

In addition, she is a great cook. I have learned many things from her about cooking and health . Several of her recipes are my favorites. I hope to pass that knowledge down to my daughter. Ashley is a fan of Wathon’s Pecan Pie. Continue reading “Love the family and Oh my, That Pecan Pie”

All The Way Chocolate

 Milk chocolate. White Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. I’m a EOCE.

I love Chocolate. I love the taste of chocolate. I love the way that it melts slowly in your mouth. I love it served in almost any way, that it’s presented. Cake, cookies, candy, pastries, etc. Nothing is better than a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. It makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. Continue reading “All The Way Chocolate”

Chocolate Mint Cookie Bites filled with Coconut Cloud

Post Date: 10-25-16

This last week has been jam-packed at my house.  Parents, visiting for a spell.  Trying to get ready for a house  filled with company. Lots of cleaning and organizing and putting the clutter away.

I try to remember....
I try to remember….

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It’s not your Mamas, ‘Tater Pie

As a foodie, I am easily distracted and may while away an afternoon looking at cookbooks. A few of my favorite cookbooks are the really old ones. The books that were written, long before all of our fancy kitchen devices.

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Chocolate Mint Cake Pops

September 30th is a special day for me. A major life changing event occurred on that day and my life as I knew it, was over. My daughter Ashley was born and changed my world forever. Becoming a Mother changes you in ways that you would not imagine. It opens your heart and your perspective reflects a different world.

My daughter Ashley
My daughter Ashley

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Updated 100 year old Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

This week I received my confirmation from University of South Alabama Archaeology Department that the archaeology dig would occur on Saturday. Mother Nature was cooperating. Months ago, I had signed up as a volunteer to aid USA during their active archaeological project at Old St. Stephens on the Globe Hotel circa 1815-1822.

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Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites

Herb containers on my deck
Herb containers on my deck

Outside the back door, we have a beautiful collection of herbs.  They provide greenery that I am able to harvest for a long time throughout the year.  It is a healthy and easy way to improve the flavor of food. The cost of the herb plant is very inexpensive compared to buying herbs in the grocery store. Although, someone will have to water the plants when it doesn’t rain. This is a great chore for little ones or teenagers or “the partner”. This herb will grow well indoors or outdoors.

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Country eggs raised in a Condo

On our little slice of country living,  we have happy hens. The hens consist of a variety of breeds that lay their own version of a “country egg”. When I was growing up, chickens lived on farms. If you wanted to visit a farm, you had to drive way out to the country. A day spent in the country was a good day. Continue reading “Country eggs raised in a Condo”