Coconut Chess Pie Recipe

Coconut Chess Pie recipe ties together the best ingredients for a sweet dessert. If you have had the pleasure of Chess Pie, I don’t need to introduce this delicious concoction. What is Chess Pie? An old recipe that has lasted through the years. Your guests will enjoy this simple recipe. Continue reading “Coconut Chess Pie Recipe”

Cafe’ Cheesecake with Pecans and Chocolate

Paris and addictions
Paris and addictions

As I review the recipes on my site, I have discovered my favorites, sweet and spicy. Sweet and spicy are delicious on their own but they certainly may be paired together for a succulent bite. The recipe focus today is cheesecake, chocolate and coffee. I have enjoyed learning how to  combine ingredients to blend flavors and sharing them with you. Of course, the best part is eating them. Continue reading “Cafe’ Cheesecake with Pecans and Chocolate”

Chocolate with Strawberries and Cream

Chocolate with Strawberries and Cream
Chocolate with Strawberries and Cream

Chocolate, strawberries and cream, could there be a better winning combination? Hmmmmm? It is possible but at the moment I am only able to focus on my chocolate, strawberries and cream. I love chocolate in all of its forms milk, dark, bitter or white.  Continue reading “Chocolate with Strawberries and Cream”

St Germain Creamy Cheesecake

When I think of cheesecake I can’t help but think of Vicksburg Mississippi. You may think that this is odd since New York is famous  for delicious cheesecake but my favorite recipe comes from Vicksburg. My Grandmother Theda Faye was also born in Vicksburg and introduced me to the city.  I had Great Aunts and Uncles that called Vicksburg their home. Continue reading “St Germain Creamy Cheesecake”

A Chocolate Pollock You May Eat

I have a love affair with art. Thankfully, I have many artists in my circle of friends. I am grateful to them for sharing their visions of how they visualize the world. Continue reading “A Chocolate Pollock You May Eat”

Chocolate Crisp Banana Pudding

Lightly Browned Meringue on Chocolate Crisp Banana Pudding
Lightly Browned Meringue on Chocolate Crisp Banana Pudding

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that Banana Pudding is one of my early food memories. Banana Pudding was certainly a dessert standard growing up in the South. Continue reading “Chocolate Crisp Banana Pudding”

Eggnog and Persimmon Icy Cream

My first memory of tasting Eggnog was when I was a little girl. Family friends invited  me to travel to visit their Grandmother that lived in the country. Their Granny lived on a farm with cows, chickens and a big red barn.  Continue reading “Eggnog and Persimmon Icy Cream”

Southern Comfort and Oh That Chocolate Pie

Cousins and I. I am the tall brunette.

My early arrival on the scene in New Orleans and growing up in surrounding areas created a strong tie to the city. I have such fond childhood memories of visiting iconic places some of which still are in operation today. Continue reading “Southern Comfort and Oh That Chocolate Pie”

Persimmon and Walnut Sticky Bread

Persimmon and Walnut Sticky Bread needed to be on my list. This time of year is very busy trying to organize the social calendar around the work schedule. Mix in the family, stir in all the added things that fall on the “to do list” and you will discover your own perfect recipe. Continue reading “Persimmon and Walnut Sticky Bread”

Persimmon Chess Pie

My Mom, Mimi and Cousin

UPDATE 12-17-16
I have had several people taste test the two versions of this pie. There is enough conversation about the differences in the two that I want to try it again. I hope to take the best of the two and merge into a “mo better” pie. I will keep you posted.



In my formative years I grew up in the city. I enjoy the big city excitement. I adore the endless choice of good restaurants varied in their menus, theme and ethnic choices. Continue reading “Persimmon Chess Pie”