A Savory Cake of Bread, Sausage and Cheese

Waste Not Want Not Series
Leftover Item: 6 cups Bread

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Where were you when you tried your first Pate?

Well, where were you? I would like to say that I was in a Parisian Bistro, drinking a class of champagne when I tried my first taste of a creamy, yet bold Pate. And my handsome dinner companion was someone named Phillipe or Francois with a sexy French accent.  I was in a city with an Old World European flair.

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Hot and Easy Game Day Dip

During this time of year, it is hard to navigate the plethora of activities to choose from on any given day. On the Gulf Coast, we are trying to hold on to the last shreds of Summer, before the cool breezes settle in. We have started moving out doors, earlier in the evenings to enjoy the end of the day haze. The afternoon that calls for a cocktail or two with friends. The porches have started  to be decked out with Mums, pumpkins and assorted Fall trimmings. Continue reading “Hot and Easy Game Day Dip”

Hauntingly Delicious Shrimp Dip


My cousin's and I on our way to an egg hunt. I'm the tall brunette.
My cousin’s and I on our way to an egg hunt. I’m the tall brunette.


In my childhood, I was surrounded by great food choices in New Orleans. Not that my parents allowed us to choose.  Nor will we discuss the “juicing” phase that my parents forced us to participate in during the 70’s. My mom went through an entire health craze long before it was popular.

Our snack choices were apple, banana, plum or grapes. No bunny white bread at our house. No sodas. No fun cereal with prizes. Life was hard.

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Tres amigas Salsa

St Patricks Party
St Patricks Party

My favorite moments have been spent with my friends. It really doesn’t matter what the activity is or where it’s located. Sharing laughter with those that know you the most, is priceless. Sharing secrets with people who you know will place them in “the vault”. People that know your flaws, but love you anyway.

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Sausage and Friends Game Day Dip


Celebrating SEC Championship Photo by Kent Gidley
Celebrating SEC Championship Photo by Kent Gidley

Summer heat is starting to simmer down, events in the making and Sausage and Friends Game Day Dip recipe should be on your list. On the Gulf Coast, by the end of August a good rain is greatly appreciated to cool down the natives. It has already started in our little corner of the world, game day is almost here. First Alabama game of the season is this weekend. Tail-gate parties will be coming together and backyard football parties are in the making. Surely, all the football decor is coming out of the closet.

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Crawfish Pies on the Bayo’


As a child growing up in Louisiana, I was immersed in food flavors of the region. My parents had their fair share of entertaining. It was composed of  southern traditional meals. Our location on the Gulf supplied easy access to great seafood. My Dad mastered the seafood boil whether it was shrimp, crawfish or crab. My sister GA Peach and I learned early to peel shrimp and pick  out crab meat.

The crawfish “sucking heads” trick came later. Occasionally, my Dad and his friends would sit around the garage and shuck oysters. As a child or even teenager, this seemed about as disgusting as it could ever get. They would usually have a cold one near by. As a teenager even the lure of a beer did not entice me to try raw oysters. Continue reading “Crawfish Pies on the Bayo’”