Quiche- Albacore Tuna Spiced Up? Wow!

Quiché- Albacore Tuna Spiced Up? Wow! I never expected the delicious flavors that this Quiche delivers. Although, I know using quality ingredients cooked properly will yield good results. Creating recipes adding unique items together and blending flavors is a challenge that I enjoy. Yet, success escapes me at times. Continue reading “Quiche- Albacore Tuna Spiced Up? Wow!”

Common or Uncommon Sense?

Common or uncommon sense? I think it is uncommon sense. This is the cynical Mimi talking after another episode with “someone” who exhibited a total lack of sense common or otherwise. You may have experienced this when dealing with large companies on the telephone. I feel this way when a large group of people who fail to have any sense, seem to darken my door all at the same time.  Which leads me down the path of, is it common for people to have sense? Continue reading “Common or Uncommon Sense?”

Crock Pot Easy Spaghetti Sauce

Crock Pot Easy Spaghetti Sauce recipe is a perfect gift for working Moms and Dads. As a busy wife and mother,  a crock pot is a mandatory cooking device for the home.  I have always had a crock pot ever since I acquired “the starter husband”. Mind you, the crock pot lasted longer than the starter husband. Continue reading “Crock Pot Easy Spaghetti Sauce”

Anniversary Tasting Event

You’re Invited to Dining With Mimi Anniversary Tasting Event on Friday October 6, 2017 5pm at Page & Palette’s Latte Da 32 South Section Street, Fairhope, Alabama.   I know that it may come as a surprise that I started blogging over a year ago. Pages and pages of recipes, stories and photos all laid out for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading “Anniversary Tasting Event”

Chocolate Heavenly Bite Mini Tarts

Chocolate heavenly bite mini tarts are perfect for entertaining this time of year whether its game day or seasonal entertaining. With the added time off to visit with friends or family a dessert to feed many comes in handy.  A recipe that would be great to serve as a Recipe for the Littles. Continue reading “Chocolate Heavenly Bite Mini Tarts”

Flavorful Italian Green Beans

For your entertaining this season, Flavorful Italian Green Beans recipe will compliment any meal. Fresh flavors surrounded by garlic, onions, bell pepper and seasonings present a tempting dish. The red and green colors in this recipe make it a lovely side dish to serve at any table. Continue reading “Flavorful Italian Green Beans”

Easy Low Calorie Baked Salmon

Easy Low Calorie Baked Salmon recipe is simple, under 200 calories per servings and tastes great. This salmon entree is easily  prepared at the last-minute and ready to put on the table before you know it. Using wild caught fresh or flash frozen salmon makes this dish hard to beat. Continue reading “Easy Low Calorie Baked Salmon”