Anniversary Tasting Event Winner

Guess who’s coming to  dinner? This weekend was time to select the Anniversary Tasting Event winner for the Dining With Mimi drawing.  At my Anniversary Tasting Event, lots of people signed up as followers to receive updates on the site. If you missed signing up earlier, please do so now. Continue reading “Anniversary Tasting Event Winner”

New Orleans Walking a Pit

In the heat of the afternoon after a long drive, I arrived at my daughter’s apartment.  Finally here in New Orleans,  walking a pit  was first on my list. Then I would be ready for a martini and  great dinner in my favorite food city. Ecstatic to have weekend to spend time with her, visions of po-boys, boudin balls and seasoned crawfish had been dancing in my head.

Continue reading “New Orleans Walking a Pit”

Foodie Appetizer Sweet yet Savory

Foodie Appetizer Sweet yet Savory recipe grabs my foodie palate. Of course, I love foods that include sweet and savory combination in the same dish. Surely I am not the only person on the planet who loves this combination. If you are not familiar with this combination, please be adventurous and take a new path with food. Try new flavor combinations, you may enjoy as much as I do. Continue reading “Foodie Appetizer Sweet yet Savory”

First Year Blogging Anniversary Tasting Event

My first year blogging Anniversary Tasting Event ended with a celebratory cocktail with friends. Most things should end with a celebratory cocktail with friends, maybe the world would be a nicer place.  Of course, Tasting Event was held in my favorite independent bookstore Page and Palette in the coffee shop appropriately named Latte Da. Continue reading “First Year Blogging Anniversary Tasting Event”

Quiche- Albacore Tuna Spiced Up? Wow!

Quiché- Albacore Tuna Spiced Up? Wow! I never expected the delicious flavors that this Quiche delivers. Although, I know using quality ingredients cooked properly will yield good results. Creating recipes adding unique items together and blending flavors is a challenge that I enjoy. Yet, success escapes me at times. Continue reading “Quiche- Albacore Tuna Spiced Up? Wow!”

Common or Uncommon Sense?

Common or uncommon sense? I think it is uncommon sense. This is the cynical Mimi talking after another episode with “someone” who exhibited a total lack of sense common or otherwise. You may have experienced this when dealing with large companies on the telephone. I feel this way when a large group of people who fail to have any sense, seem to darken my door all at the same time.  Which leads me down the path of, is it common for people to have sense? Continue reading “Common or Uncommon Sense?”

Crock Pot Easy Spaghetti Sauce

Crock Pot Easy Spaghetti Sauce recipe is a perfect gift for working Moms and Dads. As a busy wife and mother,  a crock pot is a mandatory cooking device for the home.  I have always had a crock pot ever since I acquired “the starter husband”. Mind you, the crock pot lasted longer than the starter husband. Continue reading “Crock Pot Easy Spaghetti Sauce”